Radiation Island Review- All Clear

Written by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by the publisher

Every once in a while, a game shows up and is not thought highly of from a mere glance. Radiation Island is one of those. When I first saw the eShop listing, I was like, “A mobile game? What the heck?” Radiation Island quickly proved to me that not only does it belong on consoles, it’s really good. In fact, I’d say it’s amazing.

The game puts you, the player, castaway on an island… An island with zombies and radiation issues. The island is beautiful, and big. It’s not empty, though. There are plenty of landmarks and other locations that are memorable. The game’s graphics shine, it looks really good without overdoing the effects.

The survival elements are very well done here. Staying away from wild animals and zombies until you’re strong enough, eating, making a fire when you’re cold, all elements of a survival game. However, they are done really well, which is not often seen in survival games, they are often filled with bugs. The best I can describe this game is ARK Survival Evolved without bugs… and running on lesser hardware.

The crafting is another very well done part of this game. Finding and getting materials is not a pain, and it’s easy to craft things. Simple ingredients in crafting are randomly spread throughout the island’s grounds, causing there no need for shortage. This eliminates the problem I have with many survival games, for I never need to fear running out of stuff. When you craft an ax, it creates so much more options, and so does crafting a pickax.

In the game, structures can be built. This provides shelter as most settlement areas have zombies roaming around. This is a very cool aspect, even more impressive is that there’s little bugs in the game world and building. Perhaps it is because of the constant game world, I dunno. All I can say is that I’m impressed.

Overall, Radiation Island surprised me. It’s an amazing survival game, and it’s impressive it even runs on mobile devices. Its crafting, survival, and graphics make this an amazing experience. I really recommend it.

Very Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, provided by Atypical Games