Red’s Kingdom for the Nintendo Switch Review: Nutty Escapades

Red’s Kingdom Review

With a clear direction, clever puzzles, and the HD Rumble, Red’s Kingdom would shine if it weren’t for the tiring control layout and repetitive nature. For puzzle lovers, Red’s Kingdom will satisfy, but for anyone else it may be a no-go.

Red’s Kingdom follows the titular squirrel Red on his quest to get his nuts back from an evil king. To get the nuts back, you must guide Red through a plethora of puzzle rooms, filled with obstacles and occasionally an enemy. 

Along the way, you’ll gain some abilities and explore new locales. Red’s Kingdom has a variety that keeps you interested, but there’s a small issue with the controls when I was playing.

The controls are very tiring to the hands. You may often forget which flick of the control stick rolls you to the direction you were trying to go to. That’s only part of the problem, the controls literally made my hands tired. Constantly flicking the control stick made my fingers and my hand sore, because one of the only control methods you will use is the control stick.

However, Red’s Kingdom sets an example of how a Switch game should use HD Rumble. Not too loud, but the rumble definitely isn’t non-existent or minimal. As HD Rumble isn’t a gameplay feature, it doesn’t change my thoughts on the game too much.

As for the puzzles, the game is brilliant. Puzzles aren’t easy to solve, but they won’t take ages to complete. The puzzles also will be shaken up, changing how you go about solving them. Generally clever puzzles are littered throughout Red’s Kingdom, but there are some puzzles I didn’t enjoy that the isometric viewpoint made hard to solve.

Red’s Kingdom is a great buy if you love puzzles, the game is only $10 with a play time of about 4 and a half hours to 5 and a half.  Otherwise, it’s a good game but not much more. I enjoyed the game, just not as much as I hoped with the tiring controls and occasional boring/frustrating puzzle.


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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Provided by Mimram Media.