Retimed for the Nintendo Switch Review: Its Time Should Come

Retimed for the Nintendo Switch

I haven’t encountered many party games like Retimed. There are plenty of games that are similar, yet Retimed stands out. I think it’s clear as to why it stands out to me. Polish, thought and care, on top of a hook that actually adds to the game. I only have a few minor problems with the game, but if you ever have a get-together with friends, Retimed is sure to be a hit!

Retimed is a couch multiplayer battle arena game. Playing as one of four characters, you jump, slide, dash, and shoot in a two-dimensional arena. The catch is, every time a bullet flies near your character, a time-bending circle appears and slows down the bullet and yourself, giving you time to use strategies that keep you from dying. Strategies include shooting the bullet, splitting the bullet, dashing, sliding, jumping and/or ducking. Dashes cost a bullet, and there’s limited ammo. You can reload the ammo by picking up crates, which replenish every few seconds. A layer of strategy in an action filled game is impressive, considering my friends and I took hold of the strategy quickly. 

The graphics are simply charming. In the style of cartoons, Retimed stands out in level design and character design. The game is super slick and fluid, so don’t worry about lag in the middle of a match.  As for sound, the music is not bad, rather noticeably different. My friends commented on the soundtrack. Good for being different is what I think.


Retimed is one of the best games to play with friends. The controls are easy to understand, no weird combo tricks, and a clean presentation. Each stage offers something different that adds to the strategy. Spikes, bouncing bullets, portals, and platforms that bullets can travel through are the variations that come to mind.

Gameplay wise, Retimed has some seriously good design. My friends picked up the game immediately after one minute of explanation (just like any game) and within a few rounds, they understood how to play and the strategy behind winning. I don’t know what genius the designer is, or if it just so happened to happen that way. On top of that, the main hook of the game is almost perfectly executed. Nothing is perfect, so that’s high praise. The hook of slow-motion bubbles puts you on your toes, keeps you thinking, and adds to the experience.

I loved the art in this game. Crisp and colorful is the best way to describe the characters, animations, and backgrounds. Straight out of a real cartoon, almost!


I have very little gripes with Retimed. I only wish there was more content. First, I’d like new modes, to keep the game fresh for years to come. Second, I’d like bots. I can’t always get friends to play together locally. Online is a little tough to implement, so bots would be the best, and the most likely way to have fun even when no friends are around. Last, I’d like some new stages. The stages included are fun, but I’d love more variety. There are literally only about 6 stages. Three to four more would be welcome.

Luckily, Retimed is not launching on PC until 2019. I think in this time the Switch version will get much more content, which I’m really hoping for. I’m hoping for this as the game is incredible.

Retimed is a game any person who has friends and a Switch should buy. For $15 I say it’s worth it. With a clean presentation, a near perfectly executed hook, and easy to understand controls and strategy, Retimed is definitely one of my favorite games I’ve played. While it may never become the most popular game, I hope one day it will be recognized along the likes of Towerfall, Duck Game, and others.

Highly Recommended

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 Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Stray Fawn Studio.