Road to Ballhalla Review – A Self-Proclaimed “Roll-Playing Game”

Road to Ballhalla for the Nintendo Switch

Roll your way to Ballhalla in an epic adventure of – wait no, it’s just you, a sarcastic text box and a ton of death traps. Still, Ballhalla is your goal, whether you like it or not. So enjoy dying!

In Road to Ballhalla, you control a neon marble and roll your way past all the devious devices designed for your death throughout each level. The traps are introduced in a level based on it, with some traps depleting your health quickly and other traps insta-killing you. When you die, the ball explodes into glass-like fragments. You are guided through levels with bits of text in certain areas. The text usually fades in and out in certain areas or is triggered by certain actions. It’s often silly, sarcastic, and entertaining. There are checkpoints nicely spaced throughout the levels and a respawn counter to rub in your face the amount of times you died. You can use the directional buttons or the dpad to make certain areas easier. Each level has eight tokens that are unlocked by collecting yellow orbs throughout the level, and respawning under a certain amount of times.


The guidance text is often witty, sarcastic, a liar, and occasionally helpful. The menu is made to make you laugh, with puns, jokes, and extreme bluntness. The hub world has a few little fun areas, unlocked by token collecting. The whole style of the game is neon and glowy. A little basic, but rather nice looking. There’s a “Rush Mode” where you speed through the level as fast as you can, without having to collect any yellow orbs. There are ball puns everywhere, as well as references to a lot of other media. You can customize the ball, with different colors and trails (all neon, of course) that are unlocked by tokens.

Not Fun

After the first two worlds, I got stuck on one level. Stuck for a really long time. I started avoiding playing this game. When I finally started playing again, and finally beat the level, I didn’t care to try again to collect all the tokens. In the levels afterwards, I stopped caring about collecting, and was just trying to get through the levels. Trying to beat the level was no longer as satisfying, and trying to get tokens was a chore. Which makes it more difficult to progress or play with the time wasters that require a certain amount of tokens to unlock. When you get stuck, and just keep dying, it can get really frustrating.

Overall, Road to Ballhalla is not a bad game. It’s tough sometimes, but unlocking new colors and trails, the little time wasters and new areas, is worth it. The traps are good, and it’s always interesting when a new trap is introduced. There are jokes, puns and references everywhere, which I often found way too hilarious. So Road to Ballhalla is a great game, I’m just terrible at it. As bad as I am, returning to a level some time later helps me complete the level or collect tokens. I’m usually much calmer and no longer frustrated which makes the game enjoyable again.

Very Recommended

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Reviewed by BifftheWizard on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by TinyBuild