Rocket League on Switch Review- GOOOOAL!

Review by Jack Bankhead

Rocket League is a new sensation- it’s now a big sport with professional teams. That doesn’t make it complex, or something only the extremely skilled can play- I think it’s good enough to play with friends, family and siblings like a Mario Kart game! It’s especially perfect for the Switch, as it’s really comfy and relaxing, satisfying and competitive, something perfect to play before bed.

Rocket League has a simple concept- soccer (or football for you non-Americans) played by cars. Rocket powered cars to be precise. The actual game is, simple with a lot of strategy. The game is powered by an incredible physics system- it makes the ball behave like a ball should. Add that with rocket powered cars,  and you’ve got one heck of a ride!

With that being said, the ability for someone to pick up and play is high. My brother who does not often play video games picked it up and got it right away, as the buttons you only need to know are forward, reverse, steer, boost, and jump. After a couple of rounds, he got to a point where he was able to have (somewhat) a chance against me.

There are more types of playing than just Soccar. (hehe) You can play a round of Soccar with enhancements called Rumble, where anyone can get the upper hand with an ability that comes back after use every ten seconds. You can grapple to the ball, freeze the ball, create a whirlwind, grow spikes to drive the ball into the goal, the list goes for a bit. You can also play Dropshot, a very difficult (at least for me) mode where you try to create holes in the ground by your ball being your color, then hit the ball into one of the holes you made. There is also Snow Day, where the ball is replaced with a puck, and Hoops, where the goal must be hit from above. (like basketball)

The portability of the Nintendo Switch version is what makes this version shine. You can play a round locally with your buddy in the car. You can play it before you go to bed with the easiest AI on. When you are absolutely bored on a plane, you can pull out your Switch and play a very good game. This portability aspect, however, creates a problem with online matches. As it often isn’t in the same place like a PS4, online matches can be buggy, slow, or just problem filled. Luckily, that isn’t much of a problem. The split screen multiplayer option is my favorite, where you can play with your friends and family on the couch together, and laugh at awesome goals. Or, if you don’t have friends or internet, the AI is very good and can put up a challenge.


I absolutely love the Switch version of Rocket League. It’s portability and performance is something you just cannot deny, and its fun and accessibility is top notch. I’d recommend it as a must have for any Switch player.


Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Psyonix.