Shadow Bug Review- The Bug that Cannot Be Squished

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

Many people think mobile games have no place on the Nintendo Switch. But just because a game was on mobile doesn’t mean it’s bad! Shadowbug is an excellent platformer with a unique twist, while being fun and clever. Its polish, art and cleverness make this game worth your time, and price.

The game is a platformer with a unique twist: To move around and jump, (besides moving left and right) you attack enemies. You can one hit kill many enemies, but their purpose is to propel you through the level and keep you from falling into spikes. The way to do this and collect all collectibles is done with quick reflexes and timing. However, one hit, and the bug is dead. This can be from an enemy, or various spikes scattered across the level. Overall, level designs are freaking clever.

The Switch version has touch controls for when you are playing on Handheld mode, and motion for both modes. The point and press mode is very well done, I had no issues. Touch screen performs as it should. The art is great, it looks very pretty. The backgrounds are SUPER pretty, and have a painted aesthetic.

Each level can give you 3 stars based on time, collectibles, and finishing the level. This adds replayability, if you miss a star, try again! Each level is quite fun.

The boss battles are definitely memorable, as the developers promise. Each one I played had a unique level before and unique attack patterns for the bosses. One example is where there was a driller enemy as a boss. To stay afloat and not get hit by the drill, two bird monsters are above to attack. The pattern was unique, but not frustrating.

Overall, great level design, art, and mechanics make this game worth a look. While not much to say, what there is is very good. Pick it up if you’re interested, it shouldn’t disappoint.

Very Recommnded

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Muro Studios