Splasher Review- Sploosh

Review by Jack Bankhead

Platformers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are meant to be played fast, thoughtfully, and mindlessly. Splasher is meant to be played fast, its a speed running game. It’s a fun game, at that. With the unique mechanics, the player is given many means of trying to go fast.

The story is about the evil Le Docteur, who, after imprisoning your coworkers, the main player character goes off to fight Le Docteur and save his friends. Ink Corp is no friendly place, however. It is full of traps and enemies, and you die with one hit, so be careful!

There are three main types of ink the character can use. One is the blue one, which clears away stuff. The other is pink, which allows you to stick to walls and ceilings. The final is the yellow, that allows you to bounce off any platform. Using these skillfully will finish a level quick and easy. Although it is a challenge to reach some buttons, it works.

The platforming is super tight, and most of my deaths were related to timing, not poor mechanics. This is good, I wasn’t getting angry at the game for my mistakes. The music is pretty good, but not there very much. I’m mostly focused on getting through the level, so I cannot easily listen to music. It’s good, still, pretty funky.

The art is amazing. The game’s look is hand drawn, almost like a comic strip. It looks to be made with care, they flow really well in animation and the look just is super nice. The overall aesthetic is campy, one of my favorite looks. The level designs are amazing, they work well and flow well, with their name being amazing. All level names are an allusion to another video game or TV show.

Overall, the game is good. It’s nothing too amazing, its just a really good, tight, refined platformer with an awesome art style. I’d recommend this, especially on sale.


Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Playdius Entertainment.