Squids Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch Review: Quite the Trip

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

I’ve never been too fond of tactical RPG’s. Too much thinking, little action. The Game Bakers change that, and bring a unique, fun, and lengthy tactical RPG, with plenty of action. This is Squids Odyssey, a tactical RPG unlike the genre standard. Lots of content, unique mechanics, and challenging yet fair gameplay make Squids Odyssey worth the time of any fan of tactical games.

In an aquatic world, a dark force is destroying anything in its path. A group of adventurers are the only hope to defeat it, and thus the adventure beings. While not the most spectacular plot, the gameplay carries it completely. Squids Odyssey has touchscreen support, and button controls. Not surprising, as Squids Odyssey was on the Wii U and 3DS. Both controls work great, especially the touch screen. I’ll occasionally use both.

Now, the gameplay involves launching the Squids like a slingshot into enemies, bumping into them and bouncing around. Squids Odyssey isn’t grid based, your Squid can go anywhere on the levels. Each squid has a different ability or two. Some can heal other squids, some can boost in the middle of a launch, among other skills. Bumping into an enemy will deal damage, and different amounts of damage can be dealt depending on the hat the particular squid is wearing. Squids can also bounce off of each other, and ricochet creating deep, strategic gameplay.

Squids Odyssey has enough levels to satisfy your purchase. With about 15+ hours of gameplay, the game will keep your attention with clever gimmicks, beautiful backgrounds, and challenging gameplay. There’s even recruitable characters to collect!

The backgrounds are beautiful. They appear to be hand-drawn, but either way it looks excellent. With a variety of locations, and different stage mechanics such as anchors and currents, each stage works differently. I personally loved the stages both visually and mechanics wise, as it kept my attention through.

Squids Odyssey is challenging.  I had to restart many levels a few times, but only occasionally did it feel cheap, or unfair. The game is a tactical game, so it isn’t meant to be easily finished. The Game Bakers created the perfect difficulty, not too hard, but not easy. I loved that about Squids Odyssey.

As it is part RPG, there is equipment, the ability to level up, and classes. Picking your team wisely is essential, but building a team is too. Collectible helmets and stars are in each level, so Squids Odyssey is in part a collect-a-thon.

Squids Odyssey is a great game that deserves to be played. While not amazing, I loved my time with the game and hope to see more from the developers (they also made Furi) on the Nintendo Switch. The portability is perfect for this game, and it will keep you engaged the whole way through. For $15, Squids Odyssey is a great buy for tactical RPG fans.

Very Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by The Game Bakers