Steamworld Dig 2 Review- Digging up a Gem

Written by Jack Bankhead

Occasionally, a unique spin on a platformer will come to fruition. Steamworld Dig was definitely a unique spin on the genre, where you would dig your own world map. Steamworld Dig 2 takes that same concept, but makes it more constant and the developers put more time into it with design of each area rather than a random world. Does it succeed? Yes, very much.

The game starts with the heroine, Dorothy, who was in the last game. She is searching for Rusty, the hero of the first game, who has gone missing. Dorothy travels to El Machino, where she learns of tremors that have been troubling the town and its miners. Our heroine decides to check out the situation herself, in hopes to stop the tremors, and find Rusty. This isn’t an easy task, however.

Throughout the mines, there are multiple upgrade stations (or Miner’s Stations) that give you a new ability. For example, there are bombs, grappling hooks, jackhammers, pickaxe upgrades, and the sort. These allow you to backtrack and explore new things, and do new things. Was there a place you couldn’t go before? Now you can! The player can also upgrade their abilities with gold or cogs. The cogs are modifiers that can change how you play, or give you a nice perk. This encourages you to find and collect the cogs scattered throughout the mines. To earn gold is easier, you dig up colored tiles, collect the gems, and return to the surface to sell them. Easy.

The game offers slick, tight, and smooth platforming and nice artwork. In fact, the art work is hand drawn. It has a unique look, and is very pretty to look at in HD. The artwork and animation look really nice and fluid, that makes the slick and tight platforming look and to an extent, feel nicer than with regular sprites. The music, however, is very hit and miss. Sometimes I don’t notice it comes on, and when it does, it concerns me like I’m about to fight a boss, or something.

I really enjoyed Steamworld Dig 2. It’s art, gameplay, and style make it enjoyable, but it is to me, nothing spectacular, but rather very good. Get it on sale, like I did. Definitely worth it, but there are things you should pick up first. This should still be on your priority, still.


Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Image and Form