Subsurface Circular Review – Teknical Wizardry

Review by BifftheWizard

Hope you’re ready for a long ride. Subsurface Circular starts with two robots, called Teks, sitting across from each other in a subway train car… thing. You control one of them, a detective who can’t leave because of its high intelligence. Your goal? Talk to other Teks, and find out what the heck is going on.

It starts out pretty simple. The Tek sitting across from you has a friend who disappeared. As the subway stops at a station, new Teks come, and with them new information. Slowly, this story unfolds from Tek disappearances to much, much more than you could ever imagine. At least, I never saw any of it coming.

This game has no action. Your detective remains in a sedentary position the entire game, because smarter Teks are more feared by some humans. To continue, you must talk to the right Teks in the right way to get the information you need. To do so includes: talking to everybody, including the Teks that ignore you and only listen to music, lying (if you want), being annoyingly persistent, telling a joke, force rebooting some Teks (probably illegally), playing with the emotions of other deTektives, and impersonating a priest. Yup. Robot priest.

It’s an incredible short story. Details are everything as this plot thickens and the mystery thins. Paying attention is crucial for this game. You are given many options to choose from (for the most part) for what or how you say certain things, most usually pushing you towards the end. The ending itself, however, is completely your choice. Choose wisely. I still think about the choice I made.

The designs of the Teks are amazing. Though none have an actual face(which is actually explained in game), each Tek has a different head than the last. All the tiny details, from the Tek designs to the design of the subway, make this game even better. Though the world above remains unseen, the world you are limited to is still incredible. I found myself intensely studying the movements and motions of the Teks. It’s simply stunning.

I wasn’t sure of what I was getting into when I started this game. Finishing it later that night, I never expected anything that occurred. It certainly ended with a bang. I really enjoyed the interactions between the Teks, and trying to solve this case. It’s a must for mystery-lovers. This game has it’s funny bits as well, like the walking advertisement Tek (that gets annoying fast), and the options of what you can say to the Teks listening to music. You can say some pretty weird and random stuff. But sadly, they won’t ever respond.

Very Recommended