Super Rocket Shootout Review- Out Shot Shootout

Written by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

What is it about guns and explosions people love? There’s tons of games, movies, and books involving guns and explosions. Super Rocket Shootout definitely fits into that category.  A multiplayer brawling game involving jetpacks and shotguns, does it do anything unique and special to fill my Duck Game void? Not much, but it has some strong points.

Game is two-dimensional, with a pixelated art aesthetic. With jetpacks, you and some friends duke it out with shotguns, explosives, and special powers. There’s a story mode, a versus mode, and a custom mode that is unlocked after completing the story mode. In story mode, it follows the band of robbers who end up saving the world from an evil villain. In versus, you and up to 3 buddies can battle for superiority. In custom game, you can alter factors such as powerups, and give handicaps.

On top of jetpacks and shotguns, there’s blocks that block one hit, and if you time it correctly, you’ll gain a point towards a special. A special can be used to turn the tide of a battle, but in my opinion, they don’t do much. The stages are also destructible, which is a neat aspect, but it also doesn’t do much, or have satisfying reactions.

The story mode does not have an amazing story or writing, but it gets the job done. The story mode, for me, was incredibly frustrating as the AI often were set to some sort of very hard setting, and for the final battle, it seemed cheap rather than challenging. The way I completed the final battle was by using one character’s one hit kill special 3 times, which should not be the case. My understanding alone of the game should get me through, not a single ability.

Multiplayer is fun, but quickly becomes repetitive and boring. My friends wanted to move on to something else by the end of two rounds. The foundation is in place, it’s just missing some sort of spark. Character balances were also frustrating for my friends, it proved annoying by the second round.

There are better multiplayer brawlers, but for the price, Super Rocket Shootout is great. However, waiting for something like Duck Game or Smash Bros may fill your multiplayer brawler void. If you can’t wait, pick up Super Rocket Shootout. It’s an affordable 10 bucks. Fun, but something keeping it from being special.

Somewhat Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Oddly Shaped Pixels.