Super Treasure Arena for the Nintendo Switch Review

Super Treasure Arena for Nintendo Switch

Super Treasure Arena, from developer Headup Games, is definitely the game for you if you need a retro gaming fix. This local multiplayer-only title has been on Steam Early Access, but now is out on the Nintendo Switch and provides enough retro charm as a party game to be enjoyable. Even with the lack of content a launch, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to the excellent multiplayer-battle title Towerfall: Ascension.

The main draw of Super Treasure Arena is that instead of working together to survive and grab gold in a randomly generated dungeon, you’ll be trying to grab all the gold for yourself while other players try and do the same. There are only two modes at launch with ‘Classic’ mode where you try to collect the most coins from your opponents, or ‘Treasure Run’ mode where your goal is to carry treasure back to your base. You’ll be able to pick up a variety of different weapons and power-ups in order to more successfully collect gold and take out your opponents.

While Super Treasure Arena can be played alone to maybe just try and achieve a high score, it’s mainly meant to be a multiplayer experience and would serve no purpose otherwise. You can battle against up to four other characters and each player can be a different type from a list of five. They all control the same except for the special ability each one harnesses; for example the Warrior can use a shield to block incoming attacks, while the Mage can unleash a fireball power to defeat enemies.

Along with your characters ability, there is a whole armory of different weapons scattered about the map ripe to use. You have you more medieval weaponry, such as bows, wands, and cannons, to shotguns, mines, and rocket launchers. Six different arenas can also be chosen from, including Cove modeled after a pirates treasure cove and Dungeon which is more labyrinth and has more winding corridors. While battling amongst each other for more gold, there are also monsters that spawn regularly, including skeletons, ancient warriors, ghosts, bats, and blobs.

Unfortunately, while the core gameplay and premise are fun, once you’ve played through all the scenarios with friends there’s really not much else to do. It would have been nice to have different gameplay modifiers or choose to have team battles. The greatest omission though is online multiplayer and this would have given the title much longer legs if included. Hopefully the developer decides to add this in at a later date.

As stated earlier, the retro charm of Super Treasure Arena is a main selling point and it hits all the right marks. The soundtrack is spot on with the aesthetic and presents with a heroic and upbeat tone. Each level features a different musical arrangement as well to go with the setting. The music definitely added to the chaos happening on-screen to enhance the experience. While there isn’t anything particularly special about the graphics, they are lovingly crafted for a pixelated retro art style. They are simple, but also very well detailed with animations.

Overall, Super Treasure Arena is an enjoyable multiplayer-only title that is fun with friends. How long that fun lasts is entirely subjective though, as there are not enough game modes or customization options to provide a deep and rewarding experience. However, if you enjoy battle arena types of games and need a retro fix, Super Treasure Arena comes recommended.


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Reviewed by Josh Brant on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Headup Games.