Tesla vs Lovecraft Review- The Ultimate Showdown?

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

According to Google, Tesla and Lovecraft lived around the same time. Did they meet? Who knows? But 10ton’s Tesla vs Lovecraft, they are enemies. Mix that with a twin-stick shooter, add some cool powers and monsters, and you’ve got Tesla vs Lovecraft. It’s super slick, and has good control. However, it starts getting stale quick. Why’s that? Read ahead, if you dare.


The game starts with HP Lovecraft attacking Nikola Tesla during one of his presentations. The cops inform Tesla that he’s just a writer, nothing to be afraid of. The game then starts. The game is in a top down view, with 3D graphics. Visually, the game looks nice, but nothing spectacular. Because the game is a twinstick shooter, one stick aims, the other moves. There’s a shoot button, a power button, and a teleport button.

Tesla has multiple powers, abilities, and guns. There are tommy guns, revolvers, shotguns, and more. Each are good in their own way. You can obtain powerups for these by picking them up, or gaining perks by leveling up each level. Tesla can teleport short distances, useful for going through walls or running from Lovecraftian zombies. He can also use a mech, after collecting each part. The mech can only be used for a short amount of time. Avoiding zombies isn’t a challenge, until a bunch come and it becomes a challenge. crowd control is the best thing you can do in this, picking up the shotgun or tommy gun works really well in these situations. When big monsters come, using a more powerful gun like a revolver is key.

There’s an endless mode that’s pretty fun. Using everything you have to survive is actually pretty exciting. It adds overall variety. However, in the levels, the shooting and running from zombies became a little stale for me. While the game did things to shake the gameplay up, it did not have much effect, in my opinion. There’s also co-op, which may be really fun. I could not get anyone to play this with me during my review process, so if I do later, I will update this review.

A slick, refined, and usually fun twin-stick shooter is hard to make, and 10tons made it. While the game is fun, and it includes a survival mode and co-op, it does get stale after a while. For the fun and refined gameplay, I very much recommend this game.

Very Recommended

Reviewed on the Playstation 4, game provided by 10tons