The Legend Of Evil for the Nintendo Switch Review: Who Knew Being Evil Could Be So Enjoyable?

The Legend of Evil for the Nintendo Switch Review

The Legend Of Evil is a tower defense strategy game developed and published by Springloaded Software. The studio has experience developing titles for the Nintendo Switch, where they have previously released Ultra Hyperball, Hiragana Pixel Party, and Nuclien. In the past, they have even worked on games for the 3DS. Because of their reputation, I was excited when The Legend Of Evil was released for Steam and Nintendo Switch on October 19th!

With this being my first review on AnyDay Reviews, I personally couldn’t wait to start playing The Legend Of Evil as I have heard good things about the studio’s other titles. Is this game a good revenge on the good guys or should the bad guys just stick to the usual script?

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Every ten thousand years, a force of evil will try to take over the world. However, every time such an event happens, a hero is born. This hero will have the power to save the world from massive domination. The time has come for the battle to begin once again. Will the evil forces get their way this time? Who knows.

Personally, I believe the game did not need a story. I would have been fine if the game didn’t include a story but I feel like they did a relatively nice and simple job explaining the lackluster story. Plus, the game has moments where you can find out about items and enemies, it’s also included with well-written writing that gets the job done. I always say that a game’s story does not matter if the gameplay is not fun. Luckily, it is!

The game, as I said before, is a tower defense game. You set up towers and summon monsters to come out of the towers and destroy the human base. I don’t usually play tower defense games but sometimes I may play Bloons on my PC. However, I do have a grip on how to play tower defense titles so I knew how to get ready for the evil adventures in this game!

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There are two modes in The Legend Of Evil. Story Mode is the main mode, you follow Bill who is the bad guy. In this mode, you come across new monsters, upgrades to the towers, and enemies. There are about 20 levels in Story Mode and they will take you a while to beat! The Story Mode is surprisingly difficult and had me dying a lot due to failed strategies and placement. I found it extremely rewarding when you destroy the human base and complete the level. The main currency in the whole game you use is souls. Souls are used to bring monsters into the towers and to upgrade the towers. You earn souls every time you dig up souls with a shovel or when a monster kills an enemy. Overall, Story Mode provided a fun challenge that I believe many people will enjoy.

The other mode is Rogue Conquest. In this mode, you create your own bad guy and take them through a total of 9 stages. When you get monsters in this mode, you can buy orbs to mutate the monsters to have better strength, speed, defense, and health. Certain monster orbs also have different abilities that can be useful like having a monster be able to have an explosive impact after they die to damage the humans or having a monster be able to walk through swamps or snow because monsters without that ability would sink into them. After each stage, you get coins that can be used to get upgrades, towers, monsters, and monster orbs. Out of the two modes, I played Rogue Conquest the most. The rogue-lite feel of it was fun and having monsters mutate their forms to improve their abilities was just an amazing idea. It had me addicted to the game for a bit. Overall, Rogue Conquest is the best mode in this package and is easily my favorite part of the game.

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The Legend Of Evil already grabbed me with its gameplay but the graphics and art style really knock this game out of the park. The game’s pixel art is visually stunning and at some points even reminded me of Owlboy due to how beautiful they were. It’s not usually that often where I look at a game with pixel art as beautiful but The Legend Of Evil managed to be one of the few to stand out.

Now that I’m done rambling about the graphics, its time to talk about the performance of the title. While I played the game, I thankfully never had any major glitches or slowdowns and the game itself ran really smoothly at 60FPS. This makes the performance pretty solid.

The music in this game is also very well done. They could have just made a soundtrack that was mediocre at best, but no, Springloaded Software went out of their way to make the music as good as it could be. Each stage has great music that I ended up humming along to because of how catchy they were. The menu music is also a great track that fits the game’s evil feel and sounds extremely nice. I ended up enjoying the levels a lot more because of this great soundtrack! I’d go as far as to say it’s some of the best chiptune tracks I have heard in an indie title.

The Legend Of Evil is a surprisingly enjoyable tower defense title that had me hooked for a while. It is not one of the best indie titles on the market or on Switch for that matter but The Legend Of Evil ends up being one of the most unique titles on the system. For the game’s price, it provides a ton of content that will have many people coming back. Even writing this review, I’m thinking of playing a round of Rogue Conquest and see how it goes. If you have liked what you have read, I would highly recommend The Legend Of Evil.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Ray Reviews on the Nintendo Switch. The game was provided by Springloaded Software.