Think of the Children for the Nintendo Switch Review: OverParented

Think of the Children for the Nintendo Switch

Few local multiplayer games can even have a chance against OverCooked. Think of the Children tries copying the OverCooked formula, dumping dark humor and forgetting to polish what it has. If only the developers had a clear vision and better level design! Aside from these issues, the game could be a blast with friends. Oh, if you don’t have friends to play with, stay away from Think of the Children. It’s nearly impossible single player.

The game involves a group of parents at court for child negligence. How you play the next levels will you plead guilty or innocent! The children are stupid and are prone to being eaten by dogs and sharks, being kidnapped, or becoming roadkill. Each level presents some new ideas and mechanics. Problem: some of the mechanics are not easily achieved or found. For example, in the grocery store level, you and your friends are required to not let the children die or embarrass you. While all the chaos ensues, to complete the level, the groceries must be collected and bought. Finding all the groceries is a pain, my friends and I took at least 10 minutes to find the last grocery- we did not find it.


Think of the Children almost nails cooperative gaming. The ideas are well thought, and the macabre humor is actually funny to most. The screaming of friends trying to tell the kids how dumb they are, the communication. Think of the Children nearly nails this important aspect of a co-op party game, but there are a few pitfalls.

I liked the customization of the characters. I could sport a dog face, a Pokemon trainer hat, or a mushroom hat. I can be a cop, or a clown! The further you go through each level,  more customization items are acquired.


Think of the Children has pitfalls that really keep it from being a staple party game for the Nintendo Switch. At times, levels are difficult. This isn’t to say it shouldn’t be a challenge, but the difficulty often distracted my friends. They wanted to play a different game after about eight levels. A game like this shouldn’t have such a difficulty curve.

On topic of difficulty, there is single player. It’s impossible. There is no scaling of difficulty from single player to four players. Think of the Children is severely hindered from offering single player, but with no scaling of the difficulty. So while the promise of single player is there, don’t expect to even complete one level.

Think of the Children could be OverCooked’s competitor, but confusing level design and problematic single player means you should get the game on sale- if you have friends. It almost nails the communication aspect, is wonderfully morbid, and is fun for the first hour or two. Otherwise, the game needs improvement.

Needs Improvement

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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Fellow Traveller Games.