Transcripted Review- Relaxing Challenge

Review by Jack Bankhead

Match-three games are not just for mobile, they’re for any system, such as a console. However, there must be quality involved. Transcripted is of very high quality, combining a twin-stick shooter with the match-three genre. This creates a weird, but brilliant combination of challenging, but relaxing gameplay.


The game is a twin stick shooter, so the player uses both joysticks, one to move, the other to aim. Right trigger shoots. When an enemy is killed, a colored piece appears, which you then pick up, and try to match it with two or more the same. After doing this process, you finish a level.


It is not that simple, however. It requires avoiding tons of enemies to not die, and aiming while under attack to match the puzzle pieces is not easy. Here’ s where the magic happens, though: it’s still relaxing at the same time.


The music certainly helps the relaxation, but the gameplay is also relaxing. It provides something different from other games, tough gameplay with peace. Normally when I play a game that’s challenging, I get tense. This I simply am calm.


There are boss fights. These are fun, different ways to shake up the gameplay. For me, boss fights were fun in this game, being very different from the regular puzzle matching.


The story is fascinating, it details about a guy who pilots this vehicle to go inside someone and fight off diseases, and a newer, smarter type of disease has shown up, so the characters have to get to the bottom of it. It’s a neat story, plus there’s voice acting! It’s very good voice acting, too.


The skill tree in this game affects attributes like health, shields, weapons, movement, and that sort. When you start the game, you move slow and don’t have cool abilities. Don’t fret, you can upgrade these very early on, and make them even better later on. This makes the game not as boring as the beginning.


The game is amazing, in my opinion. Striking the balance of challenging and relaxing, a unique spin on match-three genre, music and voice acting being great, plus the fascinating story, this game is a must buy, especially considering its price point.

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, not provided by Alkemi