Treadnauts for the Nintendo Switch Review: Tank-robatic Schematics

Treadnauts for the Nintendo Switch Review

Party games are some of the best ways to strengthen (or break) your friendships. Being classified as a game with 4 players or more, party games are often hard to review. Getting four or more friends is often nearly impossible. Luckily, I was able to give this a go with some buddies of mine. Treadnauts is very fun, but it has a very steep learning curve. This makes it hard to recommend as a party game, but with some improvements and modes, it could still be an incredible game.

Treadnauts involves acrobatic, wall-climbing tanks battling it out for glory. With the ability to jump off walls, and to shoot a large arcing bullet, the players can perform tons of tricks and stunts to avoid and destroy other tanks. By shooting a bullet midair you can propel your tank in the direction of the shot. This is part of the reason the game has such a steep learning curve.

While controls are accessible and simple, the fact that tanks can tread on all surfaces and shoot in almost any direction make the game difficult to play and have fun with. My buds were having a hard time with the controls when they weren’t on flat ground, and struggled to do the tricks shown in gameplay videos. Treadnauts is not a party game for casual players.

The mechanics are in place for an awesome multiplayer game with cool plays, but they are unfortunately not the easiest to pull off. There is some single player in place for those who don’t have friends, like the target practice. It’s great to see how you can get the best time and beat your own score. Again, the mechanics are in place for something great, and the target practice shows it off. I just wish there was a story mode with all the vibrant characters.

Personally, I think Treadnauts is a great game, full of polish and love. The art is great, the mechanics are something unique and special, but as a local multiplayer party game, it lacks because of the learning curve. If my friends can’t get into a game focused on this aspect, it becomes a hard to recommend game. I hope to give this another try as my friends loved the concept, but to get the best out of Treadnauts you need a party of four.

Luckily, its price tag isn’t all that high. For ten dollars you are getting a fantastic game with a lot of potential. If you have friends who know their way around video games, it’s incredible the plays you can pull off. If you have casual friends, hope they either get it or have the patience to learn it.


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Review by Jack Bankhead, reviewed on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Topstitch