Ultimate Chicken Horse for the Nintendo Switch Review: Horsing Around

Ultimate Chicken Horse for the Nintendo Switch

As a disclaimer: I did not play any online mode such that this review does not reflect any online feature. 

With such a weird name, does Ultimate Chicken Horse actually transcend its silly title? Indeed it does! Ultimate Chicken Horse is an essential party game for the Nintendo Switch, right alongside the greats! Although the controls are slightly wonky, the fun and polish in this game set Ultimate Chicken Horse apart from the competition. There is even online multiplayer!

The game is a platformer party game. The catch is, each level starts off empty. You race each other and die at first. You and your friends build the level together using parts from the “Party Box”, and the goal is to try to cause everyone’s loss except yours. Your opponents will try to do the same back! There are plenty of platforms, hazards, and traps to place. Much like Mario Kart, your friendships will be tested. Are you as awful to your friends as me?

Don’t have friends over? You have 2 options: play online or build a level! Ultimate chicken horse allows you to build levels, which is perfect for racing one another. I did not try the online because I did not have Switch online at the time. However, one has the option to. Furthermore, level building is a fun way to present new levels to your friends when the provided levels become dull.

You start with 4 characters and 2 levels. If that’s not enough, (it isn’t) there’s much, much more to unlock. There are double the characters, outfits, and many more levels to obtain! Keeping the game fresh is a great touch.


Ultimate Chicken Horse is a fun party game that’s a little tricky at first. Luckily, it’s understandable and simple after you realize “B” makes the user go back to character select screen. I also like Ultimate Chicken Horse for it being a “personality test”. Which one of your friends is the most sadistic? Whoever places the most obnoxious obstacle in the worst spot is!

The level builder is a nice addition. There are plenty of levels after you unlock them all, but having more is welcome. If you and your friends are feeling creative, build together! The option is there.

I love the amount of things to unlock. There’s levels, characters, and outfits for each character. Ultimate Chicken Horse starts out with a meager amount of content, but as you play, the content increases. The amount of obstacles, platforms, and traps is welcome, and so is the variety.

The risk/reward gameplay in a competition setting is well realized in Ultimate Chicken Horse. The thrill that comes from sabotaging friends, the anger that comes from losing to your own trap. Ultimate Chicken Horse delivers.

The artstyle is one of my favorite parts of the game. It’s super cute, even after you die. The cartoon look is vibrant. The animations are even better! The little dances the animals do are adorable.


The controls in Ultimate Chicken Horse are a little tricky. The precision needed in platforming was a little more than some of my friends could handle. A possible reason for this is the transition from PC to console. Luckily, the controls become manageable after a few sessions.

Another problem is that Ultimate Chicken Horse can become hard. Like, very hard. However, it tends to be hardest when the players make the level hard. I would’ve liked more opportunities to destroy objects.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a prime example of how a party game should be. You think Mario Kart destroys friendships? Ultimate Chicken Horse is prone to obliterating friendships. There are truly cutthroat plays that can be made. Besides essentially being a personality test, Ultimate Chicken Horse has plenty of content, level building, online, and cute art. Ultimate Chicken Horse is truly an ultimate party game.

Highly Recommended

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 Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Provided by Clever Endeavour Games