Urban Trial Playground Review- The Right Bike to Excite

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

The Trial series is a very unique game series involving dirt bikes. The catch is that it is on a two-dimensional plane, which shakes up the gameplay. Dirt bikes are very cool. Is the game “very cool”? Indeed it is, but why? Beautiful graphics and addicting gameplay is what makes this shine.

Game takes place in California, on the beaches, neighborhoods, and roads. Scenery is absolutely gorgeous, especially being built in Unreal Engine. Water, sand, and grass looks finely detailed. The backgrounds of each level are filled with personality, and have many little details sprinkled in all over. Controls are as follows: a button for going forward, backwards, restart, and the left joystick is for keeping balance. The point of the game is to stay upright and not crash, and keeping balance is key.

The campaign levels are set into two different types of levels: first being tricks, the second being time. In trick levels, your goal is to get as many points as you can before the finish line. In time levels, the goal is to be as fast as you can. This creates some variety, but the real challenge is beating the challenges you set yourself. For example, beating your own ghost even when you gain five stars from the level is a great way to challenge yourself.

Don’t like your rider’s look? Wanna change out your motorcycle parts? That’s all possible by collecting chips. There are a fair amount of options, although more would have been welcome.

This game is a fun ride through the entire campaign, and each level is quite replayable. While the campaign could use some more variety, an already solid game is in place, with multiplayer as well! You’ll find yourself doing challenges, then setting your own, and not move on until you do. This is a great game, great for everyone.

Very Recommended

Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch, provided by Tate Multimedia