Vegas Party

Article by Jack Bankhead

Recently while browsing the Nintendo eShop, a game caught my eye. This game is called Vegas Party, and it sticks from the rest of the selection for sure. It also sticks out to me for various reasons. First, it looks different from regular casino games you can play online for real money. It’s apparently a race of gambling, almost like a board game of sorts. Second, the graphics aren’t looking so great. Finally, it’s in a way gratifying to see diversity on the eShop, but infuriating to see poor representation of a genre in the online store. While Vegas Party has a unique concept, I just can’t help but sense that it’s not going to be very good.

Compared to online gambling, Vegas Party won’t use real money. Except to buy it, of course. While it features games like Black Jack and Roulette (according to the store page) it doesn’t appear to be just those games, making it different from online gambling. On the eShop page, it says it is played as a “race” from one end of the Vegas Strip to the other. A unique concept for sure, but will that save it from being bad? That is one of my main concerns. It is always refreshing to see a spin on the usual genre, but it is not refreshing to play a bad game.

The graphics look meh with original Playstation looking graphics. To a point, it looks displeasing even. The character designs are also displeasing, being based off certain stereotypes. The store page explains the design of the game being based off “extreme humoristic cliches of Sin City”. Extreme for sure, these could be considered offensive!

Variety in games is something every online store needs. With the Switch being a little over a year old now, the little guy needs his variety. I think Vegas Party will be a fresh breath of air with its gambling and racing mechanics, but at the same time I am not sure if it will represent the genre well enough. The offensive designs and not-so-great graphics are one thing, the gameplay might not be so great. Only time will tell if Vegas Party will represent a genre well or not.