Wayward Souls Review: Warriors and Mages and Rogues Galore!

Review by Chuckles

Game provided by publisher

Note: Game is in early access.

Can I honest for a minute? Rogue-like are probably one of my favorite type of games. The difficulty on some may cause some hair pulling, but it’s fun.  Wayward Souls is one of these games, and today we’ll see if it’ll compete with other rogue-like games.

Made by the talented developers at Rocketcat Games, responsible for Death Road to Canada, Wayward Souls is a more serious game about 7 different characters who travel to a mysterious tower. This tower also happens to be full of things like automatons, undead soldiers and miners, boars, bats, bugs, orc, etc. The enemies really don’t fall short of annoying but fun, as each use different moves to get in the way of your character. Once you get a hang of combat though, everything becomes easier as enemies go from being actually difficult to easy and simple.

Bosses are interesting, however they don’t really bring anything interesting to the table. Most follow a one or two moves, and it doesn’t take long to figure out how to avoid said attacks. If Rocketcat Games were to work on the bosses a bit more, they would be more entertaining. But right now, they just feel like a mob with extra health.

Now the characters entering this tower of “fun” are nothing short of interesting. Originally you start with three characters to choose from, but as you complete sections of the game new characters will be unlocked, each bringing something new to the table. The first three characters you get are the Warrior, Mage, and Rogue. However, the only one that was genuinely fun to play was the rogue. Don’t get me wrong, the Warrior and Mage are both interesting to play, but for a rogue-like game they don’t quite fit the bill.

One interesting thing in Wayward Souls is it’s upgrade system when you pick a character. After you complete a run or are killed in a run, the coins you get can be used to purchase upgrades for the characters. While it’s small upgrades, they can make all the difference between life and death.

As mentioned earlier, each character has their own tale to tell in this game, with the tower being the same thing that each story revolves around. The Warrior wants to find a dead body, the Mage wants to uncover a truth, and the Rogue was hired to steal stuff from the tower. This concept of giving each character their own story is great, and it great to see that the characters are there for their own personal reasons rather than the “they need to save the world” cliché that is used. Even the story surrounding the tower is interesting, though you don’t hear about it much in the beginning.

With the story, Wayward provides you with a fairly decent soundtrack to go along your dungeon runs. It’s not something you would listen on your downtime, but in game it definitely adds to the experience. Sounds are fine as well, as most go add to the experiece. The only thing that i didn’t like was the sound of hitting an enemy, but that was personal preference

With additional characters, an interesting story, a nice soundtrack, and fun game play, Wayward Souls is certainly a game you can play for hours. Certain characters are somewhat dull to play, and bosses don’t feel like bosses, but the fun characters and general atmosphere more than make up for it. If you get a chance, get the early access of this game.

 Very Recommended

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Game reviewed on PC, provided by Rocketcat games.