Who Will Win the Big Bash?

Who Will Win the Big Bash?

Until recently, I had never heard of the Big Bash. It is apparently a cricket league that’s a bigger deal in Australia than it is here in the United States, which may explain why I haven’t heard of it. Upon further research, people will even predict and bet money on the Big Bash. The betting scene doesn’t appear to be a small scene either. But how did I hear about the Big Bash? There’s a game coming to the Nintendo Switch called Big Bash Boom, which can be found here. While it doesn’t appear to be an amazing game, it comes to show that maybe this cricket league might take hold in the United States in the coming years.

I don’t normally write about sports, but when I do research on games, I dig deep. I had found the official site of the Big Bash, and even some stats of previous games. This is not why I am writing this piece, though. Despite the league not having a large foothold in the US, Big Bash Boom, the game about the Big Bash, is available to buy in the US. Why is this? I have a few explanations, but the ultimate question for me at least is: Who will win the Big Bash? I am now thoroughly intrigued by this sport!

One explanation could be Nintendo’s new publishing policy on the Nintendo Switch. Lately, many games have been coming to the North American that don’t even support the English language. Big Bash Boom definitely supports English, but the point is still there: it’s easier to publish in multiple regions.
Another explanation could be that the company is trying to achieve maximum profit by making the game available in the US. If I were a game developer or publisher, I would want my game available to as many people possible. Alternatively, it could be aimed for those fans of cricket in the United States. That would also make sense, pleasing fans is always a good business strategy.

Big Bash Boom doesn’t look like the best game. It probably will not do exceptional or even sell well at all in the United States. However, the existence of it on the eShop suggests more about how games are published. I personally think Nintendo needs to tighten what is allowed on their shop, and allow games based on popularity. An example of this would be allowing Big Bash Boom on the European and Australian eShop, but not the North American. But on the flip side, some incredible games wouldn’t have a chance.
Like how the Big Bash is a series of competitions, there is another figurative Big Bash. With all the games coming to the eShop, who will win the competition? Games that receive a spotlight? Popular indies? There is no one factor, but the question remains: what constitutes a best selling game?

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