Why Duck Game is an Absolute Masterpiece- in Disguise

Written by Jack Bankhead

Duck Game is a miracle from Heaven. It is a art masterpiece. It is a celebration of video games. Above all, Duck Game is a magical multiplayer game that can suck anyone in. If anyone is wondering what Duck Game is, it is a multiplayer platformer where ducks with hats race to grab guns and be the last one standing. Don’t blink, these games last usually no longer than 30 seconds, maybe 10 seconds due to one hit kills. There’s tons of guns, maps, and hats. And although it is pixelated, it can be an absolute blast for naysayers.

Duck Game has many intricacies that keep it from being just another multiplayer game- guns reload differently, shoot differently, shoot faster or slower, have random directions, and have different ammo capacity. The games are fast, so it takes many games to notice these intricacies. Ninja swords can reflect bullets, hammers can launch objects, and grenades produce shrapnel. All of these show absolute care from the lone developer, Landon Podbielski, who is honestly one of my favorite people, ever.

Why is Duck Game a masterpiece? When it comes to the multiplayer, that’s why. I had more than 3 friends over to play Duck Game. 2 of them were trying to figure out why a game called Duck Game could be good, but they quickly found out why. Within a couple rounds, my friends who hadn’t played it picked it up, and became really good.

Duck Game has this special way of making rounds that are super quick and hectic, but never feel unfair. It is easy to see how a friend drops into spikes, who shot first, or who had the better/faster/bigger gun. It creates a unison when playing together despite being a versus game. Even better, as addicting as it is, rounds are SUPER short, and fun to watch. Friends won’t have a hard time passing around the controller to other people.

Soundtrack is killer, man. You’ll have it in your head, with it being all 80s music inspired. Pair that with the 8-bit graphics, and you might have a nostalgia trip. For those who don’t enjoy 8-bit graphics, that doesn’t matter, as the game is SUPER fun, and will suck you right in.

Duck Game is a masterpiece. It is in my top two games, with the other constantly changing and fluctuating. The sheer amount of intricacies, its multiplayer magic, and its premise of being quick, but not unfair creates a masterpiece of a game. That game is DUCK GAME. Check it out if you haven’t already, it is on Steam, the Ouya (Hopefully none of you still have that), Playstation 4, and it is coming to the Switch. I’ll be getting ASAP once it comes to the Switch, reviewing it based on how it performs as a portable game. Do get it, it’s really as good as I’m making it sound.

TL;DR: Freaking buy Duck Game if you have friends. If not, still buy the Steam version for online. This is a masterpiece that deserves to be played by everyone.


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