World Neverland: Daily Life in the Elnea Kingdom review- Keys to the Kingdom Sim

Review by Jack Bankhead

Game provided by publisher

I love life sims. They are a great escape to lands unknown, with the most amount of interactivity. Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley are common examples. World Neverland: Daily Life in the Elnea Kingdom goes a different approach and simulates a kingdom, but does it do its job as a life simulator? Yes, but it takes patience.

The graphics of World Neverland are in  3D, with an overhead view. You can zoom close or far for seeing more or less. Graphics look like the 3DS’s capabilities, cute little 3D models of anime characters. After arriving in Elnea as a traveler, you meet people and do quests. Each character has a name, but slight personality. This is a slight problem I have- With so many characters, there’s little room to make endearing characters. The other problem is that moving up character relationship levels works too quickly. You can go from acquaintances to married in a couple of days. However, it is trying to convey the feeling of a kingdom, and it definitely is. There’s tons of activities, such as collecting items, fishing, working a job (there’s a few) and travelling through dungeons.

There are activities that give this game variety. You can go exploring for items, stay still for fishing, or battle some monsters. With jobs, you can become a knight, a farmer, a miner, and more. With calendar events, you can become the Hero of Elnea, or have a harvest festival. While not big things, it adds nice variety to the world of Elnea.

Each location, in my opinion, is memorable. Most locations I’ve been able to find easily, but some aren’t, like the suburbs. Speaking of which, the housing situations are unfortunate, there’s so much. With so many housing arrangements, it’s hard to keep track who lives where. Also, to find someone you have to be lucky, or use an item. I wish it would have more concrete and predictable schedules. there’s so many characters to keep track of.

Combat is interesting. It involves creating a party (if you can) and going along a linear path of traps, treasure, and monsters. You have up to 5 moves, and each one progressively becomes slightly stronger. Of course, if you’re feeling brave, you can turn on Auto Combat, and hope you don’t die.

Overall, the game is hit and miss in some areas. Characters with little personality, quick relationship builders are coupled with interesting combat, memorable locations, and other neat mechanics. I recommend this, but after a sale or price drop. I had fun playing it, though. If you are interested in life sims, check it out, you may like it. Otherwise, wait for a sale.


Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, provided by Althi Games