AnyDay Reviews is a Nintendo Switch and PC indie focused site with an emphasis on personal and understandable reviews.

AnyDay Reviews believes in honest reviews without having to overthink the score. Number scores are difficult to understand and work with. How do you assign a number to something completely subjective? How come music and story can upset an entire score if aggregated? Why do I, the writer have to think so much about it?

The answer lies in a personable and honest review with the Recommendation scale. Now the game reviewed can be explained in a fair but clearly subjective manner. (as reviews should be) Not only can you connect with the authors, you know if a game was good or not. Just because “objectively” a game was not “good” doesn’t mean its not worth your money, time, and it certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

We also do editorials where we share our own opinions. These do not reflect AnyDay Reviews in its entirety.

We have guides for buying games, and guides for how to beat or get an edge in a particular game.

We have our prized Spotlight, where we interview video game people, showcase a game, and do previews of games.

And, if it pertains to the Switch or indies on PC, we do monthly news. And a podcast, too!

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