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Jack Bankhead: Owner, Founder, Writer (Switch and Xbox One)

Bio: Student. Writer. Gamer. Dreamer. AnyDay Reviews is my most successful project to date. I created the site as a way to profess my love of games in an almost professional way. I love many genres of video games, and I own a Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and a capable PC. Been gaming since I was a child.

Shaun Hughes (Switch Reviewer)

Bio: Hailing from the UK, I am currently a primary school teacher residing in Dubai. When I’m not trying to educate the next generation of kids, I am busy making full use of what I consider to be the two greatest art forms available right now: gaming and music. I am always on the lookout for the next great gaming experience and am keen to give my honest opinions to help raise the profile of games which may not always be at the forefront of people’s minds. Get in touch on Twitter @reviewsbyhughes for discussion, feedback or just a passing comment.

TheRayReviewer (Switch Reviewer)

Bio: Hello everyone, I am TheRayReviewer and I love games! Especially rhythm games and platformers. I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts on games to people around the world and thanks to sites like this, I’m able to do that. I always wanna give my honest opinions on if a game is good or not. I’m always curious to see if a game can stand on its own or can have its own identity. Even for games I don’t like, there’s usually at least something that is interesting or unique. Anyways, that’s all I got for now. Hope you like my reviews!

Chuckles: Author (PS4, PC, Switch)

Bio: Greetings everyone! Mr. Chuckles here! Being a lover of all genres of games, I have acquired the personal goal of sharing my views of said games and making it entertaining at the same time. And I mean every genre. You name it, and I’ll do it. FPS? You got it. RPG? Bring it on! Racing games? To the finish line I go! Visual Novels? Sure, with the right amount of funny voices. You get the idea. 3 Fun Facts: -I believe the perfect game is one that has a good story, good gameplay, and a phenomenal soundtrack to bring it all together -When I’m not writing reviews for games, playing games, or things one would consider important to stay alive, I’m playing my favorite instrument: the saxophone -The name Chuckles comes from me always managing to say something that always get a chuckle out of people

Josh Brant (All Around Reviewer)

Bio: When he isn’t gaming or writing on anything PlayStation or the Nintendo Switch, Josh enjoys spending time with his wonderful family in the glorious Queen City: Cincinnati. After Final Fantasy VII opened his eyes to the power of video games, he has never ceased to take on a challenge — especially anything in the Souls/Borne universe.

FerniWrites (Switch and PS4 Reviewer, Editor)

Bio: Hello, My name’s Fernando but my handle is FerniWrites on Twitter. Gaming to me is much more than a form of entertainment, it’s my company. In fact, my dad would sometimes either use that or TV as a babysitter while he‘d catch up on sleep. I’ve written three manuscripts & hope to one day be at the helm of an anime based entirely off my work! Follow me on twitter for silliness and just to chat!

Micramanic (Switch Reviewer)


Leavan Albero (Switch Reviewer)

Hello everyone, my name is Ivan, but on the Internet, I go by the name: Leavan (Which is a combination of both Leaf and my name). I am a huge Nintendo gamer coming from Puerto Rico who generally plays Action RPGs, Platformers, and Action-Adventure video games and has a huge passion for soundtrack in games. I also happen to have a secondary interest in being a Playstation gamer, which I grew up as for as long as I have been a Nintendo gamer. Gaming has been a major part of my life since I first got my Nintendo DS and I’m still a gamer to this day and I’m happy to be here to be open and free with sharing my genuine and personal thoughts on the games coming up soon. I hope you will check out my written work sometime as I will be dedicated to being a journalist of this very website. If you want to keep in touch with me or see what random shenanigans I tweet/retweet, please check me out on Twitter @leavantheguy. Thank you