Staff of AnyDay Reviews

This is the staff of AnyDay Reviews. Read all about us!

Jack Bankhead: Owner, Founder, Writer (Switch and Xbox One)

Bio: Student. Writer. Gamer. Dreamer. AnyDay Reviews is my most successful project to date. I created the site as a way to profess my love of games in an almost professional way. I love many genres of video games, and I own a Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and a capable PC. Been gaming since I was a child.

Fun facts:

Beat Golden Sun without a walkthrough as a young child.

I actually like EA as a company. (Sue me!)

I’m writing a novel, and want to start making a game.


BifftheWizard: Author (Nintendo Switch)

Bio: Hello! I am BiffTheWizard.

Writing in class? Boring! Writing about games? Fun!

*poof!* Here I am!

I love video games. I grew up with Nintendo systems, so I usually stick to those games. I particularly enjoy Pokemon and Legend of Zelda. Having a Switch has made me enjoy many other games as well. I like writing, just not for school. I am hoping to get better as I write reviews here. I try to be funny, so excuse the bad jokes mmkay? Yeah thanks.

Fun Facts!

1. I like ducks. Quack!

2. The name “BiffTheWizard” came from a friend saying, “AW! I just totally biffed it!” as he tripped in Animal Crossing. And because I am a wizard!

3. I love reading! Adventurer’s Wanted is one of my favorite series. It’s also a big reason behind the name.

Brandon Perry: Author (Opinion Pieces)

Bio: Father. Gamer. Creator. My goal is to create great content for the world to see, & I use gaming as my way to pave that path. My love of gaming started with Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, & quickly evolved to RPG’s. (in my 8 year old mind OoT was an RPG, deal with it) Somewhere along the way I became a huge Competitive fighting game buff, So, needless to say my interest are constantly evolving. I embrace change & dislike complacency, BE WARNED: I do have controversial opinions, but thats ok. Opinions are the spice of life & differing opinions can lead to some of the best conversations!

Fun Facts:

1. I value game design over graphics.

2. Splatoon 2 is my favorite game to release within the last 5 years.

3. I’m also on Youtube! (Tether Gaming Network)

Chuckles: Author (PS4 and PC)

Bio: Greetings everyone! Mr. Chuckles here! Being a lover of all genres of games, I have acquired the personal goal of sharing my views of said games and making it entertaining at the same time. And I mean every genre. You name it, and I’ll do it. FPS? You got it. RPG? Bring it on! Racing games? To the finish line I go! Visual Novels? Sure, with the right amount of funny voices. You get the idea.
3 Fun Facts:
-I believe the perfect game is one that has a good story, good gameplay, and a phenomenal soundtrack to bring it all together
-When I’m not writing reviews for games, playing games, or things one would consider important to stay alive, I’m playing my favorite instrument: the saxophone
-The name Chuckles comes from me always managing to say something that always get a chuckle out of people