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Jack Bankhead

Owner, Founder, Manager, Co-Host of The Co-Operatorium and Host of ADR Podcast.

Student. Writer. Gamer. Dreamer. AnyDay Reviews is my most successful project to date. Starting AnyDay has given me direction in life, and I hope to give that to my writers here too. I love RPG’s but can hardly find time to play, and I love games like Stardew Valley , Rune Factory, and Animal Crossing. I’m open to many games except horror and rhythm. And anything too gory like Mortal Kombat. It’s too much for me. 

Zach (Loafslayer)

Co-Host of the Co-Operatorium

Hi, my name is Zachary Flynn. I always love playing video since I was a kid and especially enjoy playing them with other people and talking to them about it. When I play games now I try everything to figure it out and something new and always think different ways to play just to see how and if it works.

Neil – Micramanic

Head AnyDayer

Hi, I’m Neil, but I also go by micramanic. I’ve grown up with video games, in particular with Nintendo. I’ve owned every console they have ever made. Growing up I dreamt of writing game reviews, thanks to AnyDayReviews I am living that dream. When I’m not working full-time as a coach driver, I’m playing games or watching films. You can read my reviews here or follow me on Twitter @micramanic where I also post them.


Head AnyDayer

Hi! I’m an Italian student that spends more time playing videogames than studying! I’ve been playing videogames for as long as I can remember. I started with only memory puzzles, and now, here I am! During my free time, if I’m not playing games, I’m either talking about videogames, watching videos about them or just reading my mangas (I freaking love Sailor Moon). Yeah, I’m pretty much a nerd. You can find me on Twitter at @Senpavo

Taylor Ivings (Kingphazer)

Switch Writer

Hi, I’m Taylor, aka Kingphazer. I was lucky enough to find my passion in life at the age of five, when I first laid my hands on a Nintendo 64 controller. Within the first five minutes of controlling the red capped, blue overalled plumber, I was hooked. Whether it be platformers, RPGs, or life sims, I enjoy any game that attempts to do something that’s fresh. When I’m in the middle of a review, I’m developing a game of my own, or making a mess of my kitchen. You can find me and my thoughts on Twitter at @kingphazer.

Roberto Pallas


Nintendo has, in all honesty, played a part in making me a perfectionist. In fact, I struggled just to write the perfect biography that completes itself…そのたり. Where did that happen? Somewhere between Giygas, The Super Mario World Rhinos, and F-Zero Master Difficulty. Now, what was once the backdrop of my life starts to seep into the foreground. I’ll be writing to you from Honshu – 日本

ChitoWarlock (Jorge)

Switch, PS4, and PC writer

Hola! I’m Jorge, commonly known as Chito. Costa Rican. Half programmer, half gamer and half musician. Currently studying, working and hobbying as a software developer with deep interest in automation efforts and human-machine interaction. Love talking about games that i connect with and showing them to the world, mostly indie games and games with emphasis on music and rhythm. Commonly found as a Traveler’s Guardian helping New Lights around the Solar System.

Freelance7 (Andrew)

Switch, PC, and PS4 writer

Hi, I’m Andrew, but you can call me Freelance! I’ve been playing games my entire life, since I was tapping away at a Genesis controller in an attempt to speed through Sonic 2. From there, it grew from a small hobby to a full-time passion, even influencing my decision to get into storytelling myself thanks to the modicum of story-rich games I grew up around. Whenever I’m not playing games, I’m either reviewing them or writing stories of my own. To find out more about how I process the world around us, or to find out when I stream, come check out my twitter @FreelanceSeven!

McKenzie Anderson

Switch Writer

I am obsessed with stories, so gaming has always been near and dear to my heart. My fondest childhood memories involve my brothers and I playing on either our GameCube, Wii, or Atari. I spend my days writing, reading, binge watching and gaming to find the next great story (or Fandom in other words). I am a student who can’t get enough of fantasy and Sci-Fi. I tend to be (slightly) sarcastic and try to add humor to all parts of life, including my reviews. I hope to be able to review many games and share their wonderful worlds and stories with all of you!



From the 16-bit era to the modern age of fully fleshed worlds, gaming has always been a hobby that I’ve fully enjoyed. The adventures and journeys from this medium have provided a unique experience like no other. I’m grateful to be able to be part of a team that shares this feeling. As a literature student, I hope to write a story for the hobby that I love. Until then, I’m reliving the Metroid titles or going through an endless death and rebirth cycle in a Souls game.