Staff of AnyDay Reviews

The ADR Staff


Jack Bankhead

Owner, Founder, Manager, Writer, and Host of ADR Podcast. Consoles include: Switch, Xbox Series S, PS4, and an Oculus Quest 2. Also a Vita, but there aren’t games coming to it anymore 🙁

Neil – Micramanic

Head AnyDayer, Switch writer, and possibly a convert to Xbox from PlayStation

Hi, I’m Neil, but I also go by micramanic. I’ve grown up with video games, in particular with Nintendo. I’ve owned every console they have ever made. Growing up I dreamt of writing game reviews, thanks to AnyDayReviews I am living that dream. When I’m not working full-time as a coach driver, I’m playing games or watching films. You can read my reviews here or follow me on Twitter @micramanic where I also post them.

Freelance7 (Andrew)

PC Corner head and PS4/PS5 writer.

Hi, I’m Andrew, but you can call me Freelance! I’ve been playing games my entire life, since I was tapping away at a Genesis controller in an attempt to speed through Sonic 2. From there, it grew from a small hobby to a full-time passion, even influencing my decision to get into storytelling myself thanks to the modicum of story-rich games I grew up around. Whenever I’m not playing games, I’m either reviewing them or writing stories of my own. To find out more about how I process the world around us, or to find out when I stream, come check out my twitter @FreelanceSeven!



From the 16-bit era to the modern age of fully fleshed worlds, gaming has always been a hobby that I’ve fully enjoyed. The adventures and journeys from this medium have provided a unique experience like no other. I’m grateful to be able to be part of a team that shares this feeling. As a literature student, I hope to write a story for the hobby that I love. Until then, I’m reliving the Metroid titles or going through an endless death and rebirth cycle in a Souls game.