Opinion Piece : Link’s New Enemies

Link’s New Enemies

Faceless Rock People

What is a face? If you ask the Majora’s Mask salesman he’ll give you some esoteric pre-socratic dishwasher soap fluid mouth crud. Anyways, the Faceless Rock Idiot from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a faceless moron. okay, hold on, enjoying EarthBound’s “Smiles and Tears” So… yeah, this guy. You’ll meet their larger constituent quite early in the game before obtaining your sail from the Temple of Light (Possibly Time) which allows you to traverse across the entirety of Hyrule. So before that happens you are contained within a “small” area which is actually something more akin to the scale of the entire Hyrule from Ocarina 64.

adr links new enemies 2

You don’t have to encounter this guy but chances are you will. A large giant Moronic Rock without a face (Billy Idol). You are not equipped, either strategically, technique-wise, or weapon-wise, to handle this moron. But if you are an unreasonably just Link you will try and try again. He hails giant rocks at you in the most moronic way possible, almost as though he doesn’t even know that you are bad or good. He just tries to kill you. The programmers and artists here did a stand out job of communicating that element of his personality. You will surely be pissed. Afterwards you will receive a hefty bounty of colored gems that you will either sell for a great deal of money or hang on to because you think .. oh, maybe!



All throughout the game you will encounter normative wildlife, in other words, beautiful and cute foxes, birds, horses, and the life, not to mention fish as well (little expression on their face, however). Now, being an older gentleman (who showers more now) I was inclined to leave these guys alone. And I did, until, I inevitable engaged in friendly fire while battling Ganon’s typical minions. I soon realized they turned to into skewered meat and drumsticks upon 死ぬ . So, again, as my older mature self, I made sure to steer clear. I was eventually surprised to meet a woman who decided that eating meat was more important and did not entertain my non-vegan-non-vegan point of view.

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In any case, the designers here have added another layer of realism, albeit in some other games, that allows you to decide how you want to play, not just literally, but ethically. From time to time you will encounter packs of wolves that cause the game to initiate battle music, putting you on slight edge, especially if they are not on camera with respect to the direction that Link (you, buddy) is facing. However, they will take their time sniffing you out without any tangible reproach. Only after some time will they then possibly knock heads with you dealing next to no damage at all. In other words, they are of no worry to you. だけどそれは居ます



One enemy, if you can call it that, since it is not “biologically” alive, poses a real cause for concern. Luckily, these ones are fairly gigantic and can not get close to you without being noticed. In fact, you will be the one to engage their premises, and if you are wise, you will use a good round of sneaky elixirs to navigate your way around them. Their weak point is their eyes, which is also where they shoot their lasers from. Now, the lasers in this game are nuts. In fact, I saw them several years ago the first time I was in Japan and watched the trailer. Back then the game was slated for 2016. But that trailer left a mark on everyone’s mind because of how unrelenting the Guardian’s (big mechanical spider guy) red laser-pointer crosshairs were. These drones are essentially the sky version of them. You may need help from Robbie (in Akkala) to take them out in one hit with the Guardian Bow. 青雷

adr links new enemies

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Written by Roberto Pallas.

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