Nintendo Switch Rougelike and Roguelite Buying Guide

AnyDay Reviews’ Comprehensive Rogue List for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has so many indie games it is easy for a game to be completely buried in the flood of games. That’s where we help. Hidden gems are actually easier to see in the Nintendo eShop, you just need to know where to look. This guide will show some of the amazing rogue games on the Nintendo Switch. The obvious ones, the hidden ones, and the upcoming ones in one comprehensive list!

The Obvious Rogues

Enter the Gungeon

With the Supply Drop, Advanced Gungeons and Draguns, and Farewell to Arms updates, Enter the Gungeon is a tempting package, and rightfully so. A bullet-hell dungeon crawling twin-stick shooter, (that’s a doozy!) Enter the Gungeon will have you spending countless hours trying to make it to the next floor. I have 40 hours in Gungeon, and it only costs $15. With the new updates making it more accessible to those scared of rogue games, Enter the Gungeon is a perfect entry point!

Dead Cells

Although I haven’t personally played Dead Cells, it can’t be denied that it achieved high praise and popularity just by being a good game. A 2D soulslite rogue, you’ll be dodging, slashing, shooting and dying over and over until you beat the final boss. I haven’t picked it up because of its $25 price point, but to many it is perfect for the game.

The Hidden Rogues


A cute platforming rogue, Flinthook is certainly tough but it has a super satisfying grappling hook mechanic. The main hero is also adorable! Super tight platforming is also a huge plus for Flinthook. It’s definitely not the best, but it is far from the worst and is very enjoyable. Not bad for $15.

Death Road to Canada

Imagine the Oregon Trail, but 100 times stupider, funnier, and more zombies. (It is 10 times dumber than the Organ Trail which is serious I think) With 4 player support, crazy characters and dialogue, a fulfilling goal and tons of game options (don’t forget the ROCKING soundtrack) Death Road to Canada is a $13 rogue worthy of your time.

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

This one is interesting because it combines strategy, management, and JRPG content with the rogue coat of paint. Overwhelming? Yes it is. But it’s good for those who enjoy strategy! I reviewed Halcyon 6 personally and thought it was good, but it wasn’t incredible. Again, for those who like strategy, and are interested in roguelikes, $20 should give you plenty of hours in Halcyon 6.

Immortal Redneck

Unfortunately, Immortal Redneck doesn’t do much with the titular Redneck. That doesn’t keep the game from being really fun. Rooted in 90s style shooters, the game is fast, fun, and keeps you on your toes as when you die, you start over. And when you want to start, you have to use any money not spent on upgrades to proceed. Fast crazy fun is all I can say about Immortal Redneck. And for $20, I think that’s money well spent.

Son of a Witch

Forget the “cutesy” or “mobile looking” graphics. Forget the stupid name. Son of a Witch is a fantastic roguelike RPG for up to 4 players, complete with accessibility settings and modes as well as unlockables. It really is rare to find a 4 player RPG. (Although Hammerwatch below also fits the same category) There’s a party mode, RPG mode (when you die you go back to the beginning of the level) and a hard mode. Dialogue is cute and fun, and the item, equipment, and combat is much deeper than it appears. Normally $10 but often on sale, Son of a Witch is an exemplary rogue.


This one released early in the Switch’s lifetime and for some reason, despite its $10 price, was COMPLETELY overlooked. It did take a year for the online and local wireless to be added, but I think that’s crap. Like Son of a Witch, Hammerwatch has up to 4 players but in a more hack and slash RPG adventure. Despite no randomization, Hammerwatch is still a rogue. If you die enough times, you’re dead! And yes, you share lives between players. Despite this, Hammerwatch isn’t impossibly hard. Two main campaigns and two side modes make for an excellent multiplayer adventure, at home or far away.

The Swords of Ditto

The Swords of Ditto is quickly becoming one of my favorite games. No, it isn’t an amazing Zelda-like. Nor is it a very good rogue. But it is still fun, fulfilling, and it has two player. There aren’t many two player rogues with an accessible difficulty. It’s a big randomized adventure, and a CUTE one at that. Swords of Ditto has a precious art style akin to a modern cartoon or webcomic. Your kid or significant other will definitely want to play if they’re not into video games. I mean, who doesn’t like cute cartoons? For $15, I think Ditto is great. Quality wise, maybe not the best, but great fun.

Wizard of Legend

Do you like Avatar: The Last Airbender? I hope you do. Wizard of Legend is the closest “good game” to that. Although you are a wizard, you don’t cast spells. Instead, you are a fighter mage who punches with FIRE! ICE! EARTH! WIND! LIGHTNING! and everything else cool. It’s not the hardest rogue but it will get you quick if you’re not careful or understand the enemies. And, if you have a player two with some game experience, they’ll enjoy Wizard of Legend. One of the best rogues at $16!

A Robot Named Fight!

Finally on our list is A Robot Named Fight! It’s a roguevania, or a randomly generated metroidvania. The game isn’t perfect. I have my gripes with it. It’s still a fun romp through Robot Apocalypse Land upgrading gear, health and energy until you can climb out the hole and fight the final boss. Recently a four player versus mode was added, and it is actually well thought out! Fun for four players if they can get over the dark environment. $13 is a fair price, in my opinion.

Upcoming Rogues

For the King

For the King is a 3 player “tabletop RPG strategy rogue”. Opinions seem to be divided, but I think For the King will be a fantastic addition to the Switch library as an online game and a board game. A random map, encounters, and fights might be a lot of fun! For the King will be $25 at launch.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories

A rogue RPG with a Lovecraftian theme seems promising, especially given the 9/10 rating on Steam! Different classes, a cool pixel art style make me think this’ll be a welcome addition to the Switch library. Lovecraft’s Untold Stories will be $15 at launch.

Blazing Beaks

Last on our list is Blazing Beaks. It looks simple and levels look generic, but the systems such as keeping certain items to get better weapons and the multiplayer might make Blazing Beaks a surprisingly good rogue on the Switch, but only the player can be the judge of that. Blazing beaks will be $15 at launch.

What do you think of the list? Did we miss something? What are your favorite rogues? Do you agree with the list? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you! Also, check out our previous reviews and articles such as Dawn of Survivors and Tabletop Racing: World Tour! If you like our content, check out our Ko-Fi too. Thanks!

Guide written by Jack Bankhead. Some games on this list were provided by a publisher in the past.

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