News with Senpavo! Week 4

News with Senpavo! Week 4

Hello everyone, this is Senpavo writing and welcome to my article series, News with Senpavo! Tune in every Sunday for more news. Read last week’s news here.

This week has been…surprisingly surprising (hehe)! Tons of news, some good, some bad and some weird ones await us! Let’s see what the gaming world has for us.

Inside Xbox is coming soon

Next week, on the 16th, Xbox will delight us with more news! We know is that some of them will be about E3 2019 and the Xbox FanFest. There will be more info about new Xbox Gamepass games, the update for Sea of Thieves, Rage 2 and for the beta test for Warhammer: Chaosbane. It will most likely be filled with more surprises!

Octopath Traveler is coming to…PC?

Wait, wasn’t that a Nintendo Exclusive?
Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, as Square Enix just announced in a post that was deleted that the game will come on PC via Steam and the Square Enix Store on the 7th of June.
Honestly, I’m quite mad! It was one of the very first games announced for the Nintendo Switch (and that I was really excited about, I even have the Wayfarer edition!). But again, more people will be able to enjoy the game, so that’s good.

Nintendo leaks…a stage builder?!

On April 9, 2019, Nintendo uploaded a Nintendo Switch ad on YouTube. What garnered a lot of attention in that ad was the part where they showcased a group of teenagers playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you look VERY closely to the TV they are playing one of the most popular Nintendo Switch games on the market now, you can see that there is a Stage Builder Mode, which was a custom level mode back in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Look closely on the bottom right option…

What does this mean though? When will it come out? Will it still be the same mode we’ve loved back the previous 2 games? Well, these are questions we’ll have to figure out eventually, perhaps in a Nintendo or Super Smash Bros. Direct (If there’ll be one that is), and maybe it’ll come in the 3.0 Update.
Here’s the trailer in question!

-Leavan Albero

God Eater 3 is coming to Switch!

We lose something, but we are getting something new! Bandai Namco is porting God Eater 3 to the Nintendo Switch. The game will include all previously released updates for other platforms, along with some exclusive contents, such as two Tales of Vesperia costumes and local co-op! The game will release on the 12th of July (A must buy if you ask me!).

Disney + coming to consoles?!

While we may not have Netflix yet, we will have Disney +, I guess? We will be able to enjoy Disney movies and shows on streaming this November, the 12th! No games will be included on it, but Disney is interested in releasing the service on PC, Smartphones, Tablets and consoles. The price is set to be 6.99$ a month and 69.99$ a year. What do you think? It’s not Netflix but hey, if it works, it’s fine!

Mario’s getting more VR!

Mario Odyssey will get a new theatre mode when the VR update clocks in on the 25th! This mode will utilize the Labo VR to view the game’s cutscene in all its VR glory. Maybe we will get some surprises with it too? Who knows! All we have is this screenshot from the Japanese page for Mario Odyssey, highlighting the mode in the menu.

A new Story of Seasons is in development!

In an interview with Famitsu, Marvelous and Brownies revealed that they are working on a new game for the Story of Seasons series! There’s already a new one coming, Doraemon: Nobita’s Story of Season, so we are getting two of them. No other details have been revealed other than the development has just started.

No cartridge for Wolfenstein: Youngblood?!

Bethesda has announced in their FAQ that the “physical” version for Wolfenstein: Youngblood will only be a code in a box, most likely due to the high price of cartridges. There haven’t been other statements regarding the issue. The game will release on all platforms on the 26th of July.


That’s all folks, and thank you for joining me in News With Senpavo, expect more news next Sunday!


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