Return to Scarif in the newest update to Star Wars: Battlefront 2

The latest update for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is now live and has players returning to the Age of Rebellion or as it’s better known the Original Trilogy along with the return of a fan-favorite map. All this information comes from a Community Transmission video by creative director Dennis Brännvall, who gave fans an excellent look into the update.


Supremacy has troopers, vehicles, and Hero class characters fighting over 5 strategic points on a large ground war map that eventually becomes a close-quarters battle to either destroy or defend the enemy’s advancement towards the base of the opposition. For the longest time, this game mode has been missing maps from the original trilogy, but that all changes soon with Scarif leading the charge. Scarif is a beach planet from the original trilogy famous for housing the plans to the first Death Star and is where the climax of Rogue One took place, players that fight on the map will take the form of the long-requested Shoretroopers and Pathfinders for the Empire and the Rebellion, respectively. Joining Scarif in Supremacy will be Tatooine, Hoth, Death Star II, and Yavin 4. Along with this new comes the announcement that certain maps will allow for Starfighters to assist in the action.

Co-Op Missions

Battlefront 2 has 4 player co-op missions that take inspiration from both the Skywalker Saga and the Clone Wars TV show but that will be expanded with three new maps in the form of the Scarif, MC85 Star Cruiser and the Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer which are capital ships from the sequel era.

New Skins

Every new update to Battlefront 2 provides new skins for players to dress their characters in with Yellow Lightsaber Rey, repaired helmet Kylo Ren and Last Order Palpatine available for purchase. After many requests, the team at DICE is finally giving fans their most requested skin in the form of Old Master Maul but to receive this skin you must eliminate over 5,000 enemies which can either be A.I or players. Another new skin added is Hooded Rey, who to get requires a couple of steps on Takodana that involves making a trip across the map.

It was also announced that Scarif will be the last major update to the game with Dennis Brännvall announcing that their vision for the game is now complete and that moving on they will supply more events and challenges but that they won’t be delivering regular content updates. When Battlefront 2 first dropped back in 2017 it was panned for its excessive use of loot box mechanics and little content but now as this final recent update to the game drops it’s safe to say that DICE revitalized Battlefront 2 with around 25 majors updates. The Age of Rebellion update is now available in Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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