Best Couch Multiplayer Games on Switch: almost 3 Years Later

Couch Multiplayer Games for the Switch

The best, almost three years later

In Jack’s Opinion.

Crash Team Racing

Not only does it have some of the best graphics on the Switch, it’s easy to grasp, yet has an insanely high skill ceiling. Fun characters, support for up to 4 players, lots of modes, and new content really make CTR shine.

Lethal League Blaze
Team Reptile

Premise: smack the ball into your opponent’s face. Catch? With your face. Jokes aside, Lethal League Blaze has fantastic 4 player couch multiplayer, fast paced smacking and groovy beats. Ain’t nothing like a funky beat, am I right?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

People seem to have forgotten what makes Smash Bros so fun. Yeah, online makes perfect sense. Training by yourself so you can destroy others online makes sense too. Single player World of Light is awesome. But what made Smash Bros great to begin with? Couch multiplayer with friends. Now, there’s so many freaking characters, favorites and newcomers. You play how you want- so why not with friends? Supports up to 8 players.

Invisigun Reloaded
Sombr Studio

Imagine you’re invisible, and you get shot. Because you couldn’t see yourself, either. That’s Invisgun Reloaded. It has a full single player campaign, but the couch multiplayer is slick and smooth. Whoever wins at this game you know is good at games. I suck at Invisigun.


Good ol’ Minecraft. There is full couch multiplayer in Survival, Creative, and the game things that I have only dabbled in. Bedrock edition may be buggy, but it’s still Minecraft, and people love to build together in splitscreen. Or blow up everyone’s stuff. Whichever floats your boat.

Wizard of Legend
Humble Bundle

Wizard of Legend is a cool rogue game that reminds me of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is true you’re a wizard, but you’re a fighter mage who likes throwing boulders, punching baddies in the face with fire, and dashing around everywhere. Yeah, it’s Avatar. The best part is playing with one other buddy in the co-op mode. It’s not so hard like Gungeon and it’s not easy either. Perfect to play when your good buddy or significant other comes over.

Duck Game
Adult Swim Games

Duck Game is the best multiplayer brawler ever. One of the finest couch multiplayer games out there. Don’t sleep on it, please. Crazy weapons and quacking, fast frenetic fun.

Rocket League

Just like Minecraft, you can’t go wrong with Rocket League. The game of rocket powered cars playing soccer is strange, yet highly competitive. Now, if you just want to have some fun, head on over for splitscreen with some friends. There’s no need to join an eSport team to have fun with Rocket League, especially if you’re like me. I like playing Rumble.

Human Fall Flat

This game is weird. A physics sandbox, you can play with up to one other buddy to solve puzzles, or just mess around and push each other off cliffs. Your call! Human Fall Flat is so surreal.


The classic game of tag, made 10 times more complicated. Add monsters, weapons, and scary images. That’s CRAWL. There’s support for 4 players, and that’s how it should be played. One player gets to be the human hero, and the others are ghosts. When one of the ghosts kills the human, they become the human. And only the human can escape alive…

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Asteroid Base

People thought I was a bad driver because of this game. Space ships are nothing like cars!!! Anyways, this cutesy multiplayer game gets ugly fun quick after everyone is yelling at each other to help them out, shoot a monster, and of course, “DRIVE BETTER!” Geez, let me drive you guys in peace. How about you try! Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is way better than Overcooked, in my opinion.


INVERSUS is one of those games so intuitive, so slick that you wonder why it didn’t sell well or get much visibility. I’m looking at you, Golf Story. INVERSUS has support for 4 players, with teams and free-for-alls. The idea is you shoot a bullet that causes the squares in its path to become the inverse of your color. You can only traverse with the inverse of you. Trapping and shooting your opponent is just one way to win!

Streets of Rogue

This. Crazy. Bastard. Streets of Rogue is full of role playing opportunities and open-ended missions. While the missions are mostly the same, they change on your ability, modifiers, and teammates. Wanna be a supernatural team? Go ahead. Wanna blow everything up? Sure. It’s a stupid good 4 player game.

Nippon Marathon

Nippon Marathon has terrible graphics. A wacky announcer. And, best of all, Japan. A simple racing game becomes a fight for dominance among friends and family. Don’t die from watermelons and shibes!

Stray Fawn

Bullet time. Much like the Matrix, Retimed slows down gunfights, but creates a twist. The game is at full speed, but any time a bullet flies near a player, only the bullets surrounding the player and said player slow down. Split bullets, dodge bullets, and null bullets! Retimed is insane. And, it’s visually super pleasing.

Targem Games

Lastly, we have BlazeRush, my favorite top-down racing game. Why is it my favorite? It’s super easy to play, has quite a few modes, and Mad Max style battle racing is very enjoyable. The controls are ingeniously simple, so no one should struggle.

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Article by Jack Bankhead. Some games provided by publisher.

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