Baba Is You for the Nintendo Switch Review: Baba Is You, Baba Is Good


Baba is You

I believe that all puzzle games are different from one another, as there is that one little thing that always spices them up. But Baba is You really stands out from them all.
Baba is you is an innovative puzzle game developed by Hempuli Oy. You play mostly as Baba, a strange dog-like creature (or is it a rabbit?) that can change the rules of the game. The game contains over 200 levels, that can be unlocked by simply finishing them.

Right off the bat, the concept seems pretty simple, right? You move blocks with text around, swapping them around so you can change the rules of the level. Well, let me tell you, each level requires more and more thinking and planning, but maybe that’s one of the best things about this title: thinking is the way forward.


You may be surprised by the clever level design. Everything is calculated but it almost seems natural. The minimalistic but cute pixel graphics work very well, in my opinion, with what the game is offering. You can replay the same level multiple times trying to find a different, unintended solution, just for personal pleasure (or just to feel smarter!)

This pixelated world has a lot to offer. Baba, Keke, ghosts, robots: even if the game is about puzzle-solving, the world feels somewhat alive, even when nothing is happening. You will find yourself thinking about how to use a crate to open a door, how to teleport from one side to another using rocks, becoming a wall or just simply messing around with the rules for fun. Since when can puzzle games be so simple yet so fun?!


I was amazed to find so much content in such a game. I started playing with no big expectations and boy, was I wrong to do so? Yes!

There are hours of discovering, thinking and playing. The game’s length varies from person to person, but if you are a completionist it will take you a good while, especially without a guide, but one thing is certain: this game is offering you a lot, and you better take advantage of it.



There are only two things that, to my mind, could be fixed to make the game even better.

First, the game offers you (almost) no hints at all. You could get stuck on a level for more than half an hour and give up on it for a while before coming back. The only “hints” given are the names of the levels.

The other issue is still related to the difficulty: while you may complete some levels fairly easily, in others you may just go nuts thinking of a solution. I believe that those problems are nothing that can stop a player from playing: if you want to beat the level, you may as well use a guide, though adding a hint system would make the game more rewarding.

Now what?!


Even with the strange difficulty curve, I loved this game. Every time I beat a level, I felt extremely rewarded. I can recommend this game to almost anyone: puzzle games lovers and casual gamers will find themselves extremely satisfied by it. I can only suggest to the developers to keep cultivating such concepts to make beautiful new games. Baba Is You is an excellent game and a welcomed addition to the Nintendo Switch library of games.

Highly Recommended

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Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch by Senpavo. Game provided by Hempuli.


Hi! I'm an Italian student that spends more time playing videogames than studying! I've been playing videogames for as long as I can remember. I started with only memory puzzles, and now, here I am! During my free time, if I'm not playing games, I'm either talking about videogames, watching videos about them or just reading my mangas (I freaking love Sailor Moon). Yeah, I'm pretty much a nerd. You can find me on Twitter at @Senpavo_

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