BlazeRush for the Nintendo Switch Review- Fun with Explosive Racing


BlazeRush for the Nintendo Switch

Top down racing games are a different breed of racing games. They require twitch reflexes and careful maneuvers, otherwise you’re off the track! In recent years, top down racers haven’t had a chance to shine. It’s sad that a game from the PS3 beats the newer, but small competition as a re-release on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch already has a shortage of good racing games. Mantis Burn Racing is pretty good, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is mega popular, and some F-Zero like games have popped up such as Trailblazers and Fast RMX. That’s about it, however. Say hello to BlazeRush, probably one of the best “older” racers on the Nintendo Switch.

BlazeRush is a physics based top down racer. One of the defining aspects of this game is no acceleration buttons. You move as soon as you use the analog stick. The direction of the analog stick is how yous steer, as well. That sounds risky, perhaps. Where might the control be? Luckily, BlazeRush controls like a dream, to top being the easiest racer to play.

The controls get better. The A button uses weapons exclusively, and the X button uses boost power ups exclusively. The game has an incredibly easy control scheme, and it works very well. My friends understood the controls within less than a minute, and after a couple minutes my group were all familiar and on even standings with the controls. Also, did I mention there’s no brakes? You just gotta keep going!

The campaign offers training in different weapons and boosters, as well as unique challenges. The most fun to be had is the Quick Play mode, where you can play locally with three other players and experience a variety of modes. Easy, normal, and hard races are my favorite, but the other modes are nice as well. A death race is a continuous race until only one person is standing, and there’s a football mode, in case you’re wanting something a little more Rocket League in BlazeRush. Add that to about four or five different track types (I don’t know off the top of my head).

BlazeRush has a stellar physics system. It makes the racing unpredictable, and adds new strategy. Saws bounce off walls, and boosters can blast you off into space if you aren’t careful. I loved the crazy explosions and the stunts players can (accidentally) pull off in the game.

There are different vehicles, and saying they all play the same would be a lie. When you look at the stats, you might think they’re just placeholders. When I experimented with each vehicle, the stats control how the entire game feels, so finding the right character is important.

A super thoughtful addition for the races is instead of zooming out so much you can’t see, or just eliminating the slower players, the cars will be kept up to speed with bubbles, or lifted from the pits with bubbles. For my friends, this was super cool. No longer did they have to wait a couple of minutes to play again after dying! It also keeps the visuals nice and clear, because of the shared-screen aspect instead of the common splitscreen.

BlazeRush has online multiplayer, but in my experience, no one was on it and I project that won’t change. BlazeRush is best for friendly gatherings who want a deadly apocalypse racing game. It’s not gory or gruesome, just cars spinning out. So, it is good for the younger players.

If I could make any changes, it would be the fact that I can’t play local multiplayer without internet. The option is in the same section as online multiplayer, and quick play, despite saying you don’t need internet, requires internet. If that was changed my experience with BlazeRush would be much better than it already is.

BlazeRush is $12 on the eShop and might I say, that’s a great deal. Mantis Burn Racing and other racers might have more content. That doesn’t stop BlazeRush from being an awesome racing game, easy to get into and super fun. The physics system is mega fun, and multiplayer is just awesome. I highly recommend BlazeRush.

Highly Recommended

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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch, game provided by Targem Games

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