Fight Crab for the Nintendo Switch Review

Fight Crab on the Nintendo Switch

or, why crabs are raving for a fight

After 2 years of being enamored by the trailer for Fight Crab, it has finally fallen into my hands, playable on my favorite console. Freelance7 has reviewed Fight Crab for PC, however, I went into Fight Crab on the Nintendo Switch without set expectations, other than I have eagerly awaited the day I can play Fight Crab on the Nintendo Switch.

That being said, I have pondered upon the thought processes in the developer’s mind. They had made Ace of Seafood, another absurd fish related game. Upon further reflection, I found no conclusion as to just what caused this brilliant idea for a fighting game.

This game is definitely “odd”. You are a crab. Or maybe a lobster. You have different species of crabs, fighting for dominance in arenas such as the ocean, a desert, a playroom, and a dinner table. Your goal? To knock the crab on their back and keep them there for 3 seconds.

And what better way to fight for dominance with weapons? No, not just any weapon. All the weapons possibly wanted by a weapons enthusiast are present in Fight Crab. Besides knives and shields, there are jet boosters, katanas, claymores, exotic swords, among others. The game doesn’t lack in variety, that’s certain.

I’m going to make a bad reference with Fight Crab in this paragraph.

The controls are odd, but they are necessary with button controls. The two analog sticks only move your crab’s arms. ZL and ZR punch for the respective arm, L and R block per respective arm. To move, the use of the D-pad’s buttons will move you in one of 4 directions. Double tapping on the D-pad will make your crab dash in that direction.

Although odd controls, they work. They’re not counterintuitive but they are unusual. That’s enough talk about Fight Crab’s controls though. I’ve already broken the first rule of Fight Crab, but for sake of review, I will take the risk.

My Thoughts on the Crab Craze

Fight Crab is a fun addition to any Switch library. It’s unique, bound to get laughs, and actual has effort put into it. (It’s so much more than a joke) Fighting a lobster with a jet booster and katana is laugh inducing every time, as well as it is exciting and engaging.

I enjoyed the campaign. It set up the controls and ideas well without constantly explaining how the game works. Unlocking of weapons is exciting, and fights are challenging. Of course, there is little to no story. What you see is all you need to, well, not understand.

Versus mode is the bulk of the game, however. With even more unlockable weapons to obtain from playing the game, Fight Crab is highly replayable. Especially with friends. You can also do co-op in the story mode!

Final Verdict on the crabs

Fight Crab was a game I waited over a year for. And a lot has changed since then, frankly. But the smile I had on my face while playing was worth it. The friends who enjoyed it with me? They might not get the game. At least, it brought me laughter in a time when all seems to be going down in the world.

Heh. Fighting crabs to topple them with the use of swords and other weaponry. That’s a funny idea.

Highly Recommended


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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Mastiff.

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