Let’s Go Nuts Review: No Squirrels Were Harmed in the Making of This Review. (Maybe.)

Let’s Go Nuts

I wish I could find a cool “the floor is lava” multiplayer runner right about now. Did you say Let’s Go Nuts is like that? It is, but it’s not cool. But it’s more complicated to me than “it’s bad.” There seems to be love and care in how they approached the game’s mechanics, only for it to fall flat. In the most depressing way possible. Read on to find out why I dislike Let’s Go Nuts, but wish it could have reached its potential.

The premise is simple, and frankly, it stays that way. You are a squirrel trying to obtain nuts. This could be through multiplayer (up to 4 players!) or in the (gasp!) single player campaign! Both are lackluster. The levels aren’t very clever and the platforming is off. Endless running is normally fun, but between weird visuals, sound, and presentation choices, I wonder why I was playing it. But beneath all of that, I see how a team was just trying to make a fun game.

Strike One: Visuals

Normally graphics don’t bother me. But in Let’s Go Nuts, the graphics don’t blend well. I refuse to believe they are “stock” graphics, but the art direction isn’t at the top of its game. The game looks like a mobile game to me, and I don’t like it. Some graphics look forced, and others look completely out of place. The graphics do have their charm, but it does not look original enough.


Strike Two: Sound and Presentation

Seriously, the music isn’t very good. There are only a few tracks, and the tracks aren’t that great. The sound effects are worse, though. Not enough to make your ears bleed, but enough to have you considering why you were playing the game. The sound effects are mediocre, and at times horrible. It sticks out from the music like a sore thumb.

Also, why is it splitscreen for two players? It could very easily be a shared screen. It’s awkward and at times unnecessary. Multiplayer would have been bearable if it weren’t for that.

Strike Three: Gameplay or; Why I Feel This Game had Potential

Enough complaints. If given enough time, Let’s Go Nuts! just maybe could be great. I love the idea of “The floor is lava!” and with friends, it could be a blast. The platforming is a little off, the visuals are uninspired, and the sound is… eh. But there’s workings of a game that could be fun. If Let’s Go Nuts! scored a sequel or remake, I would most definitely take a look. But in this state, you see where the fun could be had. Unfortunately it is not there.


Not Recommended

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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by Bearded Brothers.

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