Ever wanted to Date Colonel Sanders?

I Love You Colonel Sanders

Finger-Lickin’ Strange

The strangest thing happened. There was this running joke between my friend and myself, about how Colonel Sanders is made of our dreams. It was simply a joke, and it provided a few laughs. Well, apparently, the KFC ninjas have been listening in on my personal life, and now I Love You Colonel Sanders, an anime themed dating simulation will be released on Steam on September 24th.

It actually looks like a solid dating sim. Obviously it is not meant to be the best ever, but certainly a solid marketing move. I want to play it. Professor Dog and the other characters look fun, and this isn’t a blatant “How do you do, fellow kids?” case. Either way, if I’m missing the 24th, it’s for Colonel Sanders. I’m lickin’ my fingers thinking about it. I give this surprise announcement a

What the heck, step up your game McDonald’s

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Article written by Jack Bankhead. I wish it was a paid promotion.

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