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Fight Crab


I don’t consider myself to be a huge fan of fighting games. They can create some fun matches, but that’s only the case when you know what you’re doing, which, most of the time, I don’t. But every so often, along comes a fighting game with such a unique gimmick or premise that I just have to at least give it a shot. So when my boss said, “Would you like to review Fight Crab?” I, of course, said, “Hell yeah.”


Fight Crab is a fighting game developed by Calappa Games and published by PLAYISM. It’s… it’s a fighting game with crabs in it. What else do you want me to say? 

Cretaceous Combat

The story of Fight Crab is that you are a crab, and you are on a journey to knock over as many crabs as you can. Every map has multiple crabs for you to fight, including one boss crab. Pretty epic, if you ask me. 

What’s not so epic is the control scheme, but in the context of the game, they make sense. I have yet to attempt to play this game with a keyboard and mouse, as it is heavily recommended to use a controller. Instead of using the sticks to move, you use the d-pad to move in a specific direction. The sticks control your arms, or turn you if both are pushed in the same direction. There are many more intricacies to the controls, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it… eventually. And then you’ll learn many ways to knock your opponent down. 


And that’s basically the objective of the campaign for Fight Crab: beat up each crab until they are knocked over. If three seconds go by without them getting back up, you win. There is no health, instead, there’s a percentage each crab has that makes it easier for them to be knocked over the higher it goes, like Super Smash Bros

Of course, as you go along in the campaign, things will get tough. In the first official map, after several crabs were already laid flat on their backs, a lobster came at me with a knife AND a gun. Truly a match to behold!

Customize Your Crab

What’s cool is that every weapon you see in the game is a weapon you can use. There are multiple objects in each map that can be used as weapons like palm trees or cars, but in-between maps you can unlock weapons to equip your crab with. In this menu, you can also unlock different crabs and level up your crab, all with the money you earn by beating the crap out of other crabs. All of these become available for purchase once they are first shown to you in game. 

And those aren’t the only things that unlock as you go through the campaign. You’ll even be given access to abilities that can be used in the middle of battle every once in a while. These include Hyper Mode, which gives you extra power and resistance to being knocked over, and the ability to enchant your weapons to make them more powerful. 

Basically, there are plenty of options when it comes to how you face your opponent. From punching, to pinching, to weapons, to powers, there’s a good amount of variety.

Another thing of note would be the soundtrack. This game is fitted with a decent amount of tracks, most of them rock songs, which fit in quite well with the pace of the fight, even if that pace is a slow, lumbering, crawling pace. 

Crabby Conclusion

Other than that, there isn’t much else to say. I couldn’t try out the multiplayer or online co-op, as there was no one else to play with, but I do want to get back in because I’m sure it’s going to be quite a wild ride playing with crabs who know what they are doing. 

So, overall, Fight Crab is definitely a unique fighting game. Unique idea, unique combatants, and unique control scheme, even if said control scheme is a bit awkward to use, and the entire game can get a bit annoying with its physics. Though, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy myself, not just due to how much fun I had, but because of how absurd it all is. 




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Reviewed by Freelance 7 on PC.  Game provided by Nussoft.

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