House Flipper VR Mini-Review – Busy Work In Virtual Reality

House Flipper VR

I am actually a huge fan of relaxing games. House Flipper was one of them, but I was never able to get around to playing it. So, when I heard House Flipper VR was being made, I decided to set my sights on it. 


House Flipper VR is basically the same game as House Flipper, but in VR. The game runs rather well, even when things are a mess. And that’s with the high spec laptop that I am using to play VR on. I turned the settings down just so I could feel safe in having no problems that might make me a bit sick, and it did surprisingly well. As for graphics, it’s not the best looking game, but it’s not ugly, and it has some nice dirt physics, making it quite satisfying to scrub away all the grime that invades the households.

The gameplay is the same as the past game. You get jobs that will get you money that you can use to flip houses on your own. Most of the jobs you get are busywork, like cleaning up a house or redecorating for someone’s new girlfriend. Just little things that will get you points to upgrade your tools and money to buy more objects to place. When it comes to items you have to install, you do have to put things together yourself, which will mean a lot of moving items around until they lock in place. Even then, it might take a while to make things stick.

So, all that being said, it is nice to just mindlessly do stuff while listening to podcasts or talking with friends, but there’s a problem. All the actions you do are now by hand, which means whatever you found relaxing about the game is thrown out the window. Now you have to bend down yourself to scrub away the grime on the floor. Now you have to pick up every piece of trash. Now you have to stand there waving your fist around to paint the wall. It’s no longer relaxing when I have to do it, but I digress. 

Everything else is fine, unless it pertains to specific VR aspects. For example, the tool belt you have. It will carry every tool you need, so what you require is right on hand. However, some of the tools are a bit too close to one another. Multiple times I have accidentally picked up the wrong tool, and had to grab the other one while the one I grabbed by accident was slowly moving back into its holster. 

Other things I might ask for are better options, like a turning speed for smooth turning. Another thing, especially for people that don’t like to stand up all day, would be a better seated mode. Mine never worked for me, so I always ended up just closer to the ground, and it did make a lot of actions much more awkward than they could’ve been. 

So, overall, there isn’t much to this game. It’s House Flipper, but it’s in VR, so the only things I could really talk about are the VR things. It has some problems to iron out, but I believe a few patches would do best to fix those. As a game, overall, I did feel a bit sore after a while, and in need of a lay down, so I’m hoping they also put in options to make the experience a little more comfortable. Other than that, it’s a perfectly fine VR port for a nice game. 



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Reviewed by Freelance7 on PC. Game provided by Frozen District.

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