Treasure Stack for the Nintendo Switch Review: Stacked High Against the Greats!


Treasure Stack for the Nintendo Switch

Out of all the puzzle games, Treasure Stack was the one to really catch my fancy. The idea of a character grabbing and placing blocks intrigued me more than say, Tetris 99. Treasure Stack doesn’t have the most features, but it boasts 100+ unlockables and cross-platform online multiplayer, to complement the main single player mode and party mode. Treasure Stack is a game that’ll have you hooked- and if the future of esports is puzzle games, I’d be more than happy to see Treasure Stack in that roster of games played for sport.

The feature that sets the game apart from other puzzle games is instead of controlling the falling blocks, you are a little character who can only jump one block high. You’re also governed by the laws of gravity! With some tricks like placing blocks directly below you, rearranging blocks, and grappling blocks from the air, Treasure Stack presents some depth I wouldn’t have expected, the developers really hit this out of the park.

To clear treasure chests, you must have a key of the same color. You’ll want to place multiple chests together. As long as they are directly up, down, left, or right of the keys a chain of clears will commence. The faster you chain more the multiplier increases from x1 to x5. Getting a score above 100 is the real challenge, because once the bad blocks (I am not sure what they are called) start piling up, you’re screwed. I’ve learned some tricks and tips, but getting past 500 has been my challenge.

If you chain together clears before the lava meter fills up completely, you may have a reduced amount of bad blocks. It all depends on your timing, but more clears equals an easier time and more time before you die.

Treasure Stack is a blast in multiplayer for the right crowd. The main platforming mechanic makes it harder for newcomers to pick up, but it ends up becoming engaging and exciting to compete. It’s best for your patient friends and family, there’s not a ton of action aside from clearing blocks.

I did not play much of the online multiplayer. There weren’t many people online when I was online, and I played much of Treasure Stack away from internet.

In single player, characters and hooks for your grapple can be unlocked. There are SO MANY of these. I don’t even know how many combinations there are. Some are basic, some are strange, and there’s even guest characters and pop culture references. I have an Infinity Gauntlet hook, but I’m pretty sure it takes out less than half of the blocks, so it must be a Finite Gauntlet. Looks cool though. I do wish that multiplayer would go towards unlocking new gear and characters.

I wish the game had more features. I would love new modes, even if it wasn’t anything drastically different. I would also like power ups for the character, not block clearing scapegoats. Modifiers and rules for multiplayer and single player would also be super appreciated. Luckily, the developers are still hard at work on Treasure Stack, fixing and improving on the game. Although it is lacking, Treasure Stack is still super addicting and fun.

Although it may be slightly “unfinished”, I still very much enjoyed Treasure Stack. With the promise of new content (free at that) from the developers, and addicting gameplay, I highly recommend Treasure Stack, as I know I’ll be playing it for a long time after this.

Highly Recommended

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Reviewed by Jack Bankhead on the Nintendo Switch. Game provided by PixeLakes

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